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Whoopi Goldberg Responds to Film Critic Who Claimed She Wore a Fat Suit in ‘Till’: “That Was Not a Fat Suit, That Was Me”

“I just want to let you know that it’s ok to not be a fan of a movie but you want to leave people’s looks out,” Goldberg stated on Monday’s episode of “The View.’

Whoopi Goldberg confronted an editor who said that she was wearing an overweight dress in the Emmett Till biopic, Till.

On Monday’s episode on the show, The View, Goldberg, who plays Alma Carthan in the film was adamant about the comment and clarified she wasn’t dressed in a fat suit for the character.

“There was a young lady who writes for one of the magazines, and she was distracted by my fat suit, in her review,” Goldberg declared. “I do not care what you feel about the film but it is important to understand that it wasn’t the fat suit. It was me. This was steroids. Did you remember the year before? I’m guessing you don’t follow the program the View or you’d be aware that this wasn’t the case.” she said, referring to the health problems she encountered this year.

She added, “I just want to remind you that it’s okay for you to never be a huge fan of a film, but you prefer to leave the looks of people out. You can just comment on the acting and If you have any questions then ask someone. I’m sure that you weren’t trying to degrade.”

In the aftermath of The View co-host, Sunny Hostin noted that a reviewer should conduct a study prior to they write. Goldberg said “We are hoping that she didn’t and now she’ll be aware when you next need to discuss someone they’re talking about as an actor. If you’re unsure whether they’re in the show do not make broad assertions, as it can make it appear as if you don’t are knowledgeable about what you’re doing.”

Goldberg did not name the author of the review or the publication.

Till written by Chinonye Chukwu, tells the real account of Mamie Till-Mobley’s quest for justice for her son, 14 years old Emmett Till who was brutally murdered in the year 1955. In a discussion about this film, Goldberg advised the audience not to feel “concerned about the violence” since the film was “not violence.” “If you’re watching Jeffrey Dahmer [ Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story] … you’ve seen much more violence that you’ll see in this,” she said. “It’s an extremely important movie for family members because If you’re a mother it could be your child. The event took place 67 years ago and we’re in the process of reliving the aftermath.”

The New York Film Festival was the venue for Till the world’s premiere of the film Till on Saturday. Goldberg who, along with playing Mamie Till’s grandmother and mother, as well as is the executive producer of the film, said that it took over 10 years for the film to be made. Till received applause from the festival’s audience as did its star Danielle Deadwyler, already getting accolades for her portrayal of Mamie Till-Mobley.

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