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What is the reason? Black Adam is Dwayne Johnson’s most difficult test to date as a Hollywood action star

The comic book movie sees Dwayne Johnson portray an antihero, in contrast to his charming macho-man appearance.

The role of Black Adam could prove to be Dwayne Johnson’s most challenging career move to date. When the champion wrestler-turned-Hollywood superstar returns to the big screen with his DCEU debut in the title role of Black Adam, he seeks to reverse the image that catapulted him to global success. In a different way, even though Black Adam is the main character on the screen, he’ll be an antagonist in the role of Black Adam.

From To Scorpion King two years ago from the time of The Scorpion King to Jungle Cruise this year, Johnson’s epic action heroism on screen is usually about portraying the hero who is able to stand up to evil. The movie is one that has gained the actor a huge fan base of young people and kids. Black Adam In addition, they can also be described as an action hero who destroys evil. But, in this case, Johnson is willing to break any rule he has to in order to get his way. In the film, the actor portrays Teth Adam, also known as Black Adam, from the ancient city of Kahndaq. In the film, after being released from a 5,000-year prison He is determined to take down all that he believes to be wrong. His justice sense is brutal, and he’s prepared to kill any person who is attempting to stop him. This makes him appear as a villain, not a hero. It is the Justice Society Of America, or JSA consisting of Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Cyclone, and Atom-Smasher decide they must stop

The comic book superheroes that have appeared on screen have largely been on the morality spectrum, with only a few exceptions due to the vast majority of the audience that runs the box office liking it this way. In DCEU (DC Extended Universe) The bosses played at the idea of Suicide Squad, spinning a dark and violent tale of an assortment of villains trying to fight for the good of humanity. However, the film received a mediocre response. Johnson who was first hired in 2014 to play Black Adam as the villain on the screen in Shazam!, evidently was aware of the massive challenge before him when a full-length film that centered around the character was slated for release three years after. The stakes were greater for the action actor by 2017. He decided, without a doubt, to be the executive producer of the film.

As a move which is an economic sense Johnson wisely mentioned DC’s greatest heroes in his film’s promos, placing Black Adam as an antihero. At San Diego Comic-Con this year Johnson implied that the actor was looking forward to a Superman fighting Black Adam fight at some time. The statement was big news considering the long-running doubt among fans about whether Henry Cavill would indeed return as Superman in the near future. Johnson’s request to see a fight scene in the form of Superman on screen put the social media world into a frenzy especially since the rumors that preceded Comic Con had suggested Cavill was also expected to be present to present Black Adam. There was speculation about the possibility that Cavill as Superman returned to DC’s strategy of action and that he’d make an appearance alongside Johnson as the antagonist of Black Adam. Rumors that were not confirmed on Twitter suggested Cavill will return in an after-credits cameo as Black Adam. Some felt that the idea of a fight with Superman as well as Black Adam was too exclusive and could be used in a comedic fight in order to be a major part of the storyline of the entire film.

In any event, Johnson’s strategy was working. Twitter has been debating Black Adam in conjunction with Superman in the exact same way for several months. The idea of promoting Black Adam as Superman’s equal and as a counter-point to The Man Of Steel has kept the film in the spotlight. Another aspect of this. With the ongoing problems with Cavill that need to be sorted out, a brand new solo Superman film is yet be announced. Johnson recognizes that DCEU could benefit from a different iconic marquee character besides Batman at the moment in time. Black Adam, with its enormous buzz and distinctive comic-book style, is a good selection.

In the film, though it imagines Black Adam as an antihero The character actually began as a straight criminal within DC comics. The idea of having a completely out-and-out villain could be dangerous to Johnson at this point in his career. As an established Hollywood actor, the 50-year-old actor has reached the height of his fame, but there are a few steps to go. A report from earlier this year revealed that Johnson’s Black Adam paycheque which was more than $22.5 million will see him finish with a fifth position. Tom Cruise with a $100 million plus take-home from the top spot in Top Gun: Maverick is on top of the pile, with Will Smith ($35 million for Emancipation), Leonardo DiCaprio ($30 million for Killers of The Flower Moon) and Brad Pitt ($30 million for Joseph Kosinski’s untitled Formula 1 film) are ahead of Johnson in 2022. However, he is set to rise one or two spots in the coming year, thanks to his release date of Red One. This film will be an action-packed comedy which is a comfortable zone for Johnson and his salary for the film is believed to be in the region of $50 million. At present, Johnson will be happy with the fact that Black Adam makes him the highest-paid character in the DCEU and is ahead of Jason Momoa (who earns $15 million for Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom) and Joaquin Phoenix ($20 million for Joker 2).

The large stakes in money could be the reason Johnson isn’t taking any risks when it comes to winning the audience. In an interview with cinemablend.com Johnson stated that the radically different positioning of Black Adam is meant to bring a new era to DC fans. “I am saying that for a while that there’s a new period within the DC Universe that’s about to begin. What I meant was that I would introduce a brand-new character. This isn’t a sequel, and it’s certainly not an established IP. It was, as you may have guessed, Black Adam. Two years ago, the entire people of world didn’t know what he was. We knew, however, no other people out there. We are introducing the JSA to introduce the new era in DC Universe. DC universe. What I actually meant when I said, “This is a new era for the DC Universe, is listening to the fans. We are listening to our fans and trying our best to provide them with what they want.” the actor said.

The buzz about the “new era” works for DCEU as well. In addition to unconfirmed Twitter spoilers regarding Superman’s post-credit appearance, Black Adam is set to expand the DC to expand in different ways as well. The debut to JSA, the Justice Society Of America (JSA) is the main draw. Pierce Brosnan, who missed the chance to play Batman in Tim Burton’s Tim Burton film 1989 has finally joined the DC group wagon in the role of Doctor Fate. Brosnan’s character runs the JSA alongside Quintessa Swindell in the role of Cyclone, Aldis Hodge as Hawkman, and Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher. The JSA is an essential component of the DCEU and its existence is crucial for the subsequent introduction of many famous characters like Darkseid, the superhero. Darkseid.

These are the challenges that DC to take into consideration when they begin their next phase. Dwayne Johnson, for his part, may be considering the possibility of a Black Adam V Superman adventure following the model of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. But for now, there’s a competition that is far more formidable than Superman to face and that’s the global box office.

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