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Bitcoin is among the most well-known cryptocurrencies. It was the first cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology to enter markets in the year 2009.


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Ethereum is the very first project to launch smart contracts. These smart contracts permit developers to create desktop and mobile .

2. Ethereum

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The meme that started out as a joke has now been used for a purpose. Dogecoin's primary use has been a method of tipping users who post valuable information or are humorous.

3. Dogecoin

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The world of Blockchains Chainlink has been one of the pioneer's blockchains to enable the integration of data from off-chain into smart contracts through the Oracle network.

4. Chainlink

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Dogecoin began as an internet meme, however, quite quickly, it was transformed into something that could be a source of an ever-growing community of followers.

5. Shiba Inu

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XRP is an open-source currency that utilizes an open source distributed ledger known as the XRP ledger.

6. XRP

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Polkadot is also a blockchain-based network, which is currently developing interoperability protocols.

7. Polkadot

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The mission that drives Ripple The Company's mission is to unlock the global digital scale and cut down on transaction costs that come with international fund transfers.

8. Ripple

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Binance Coin can be used to trade with other cryptocurrency and to pay fees on Binance one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe.

9. Binance Coin

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Uniswap operates using the Ethereum network, which is the engine behind the Uniswap cryptocurrency exchange.

10. Uniswap

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