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View: US Defence Secretary Lloyd J Austin hosts an honor cordon and greets EAM Jaishankar

In a clip of a video posted on the website ANI, Lloyd Austin is seen welcoming Dr. Jaishankar and presenting an honour cordon when he arrives at the Pentagon which is where the headquarter of the US defense department.

Washington: US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin welcomed India’s External Affairs Minister Dr. S Jaishankar at Pentagon in a heightened honor cordon ceremony.

In a video posted on the website of the news organization called ANI, Lloyd Austin is shown greeting Jaishankar and presenting an honour cordon upon his arrival at the Pentagon which is where the Pentagon is headquarters of the US defense department.

In talks bilaterally in the presence of Jaishankar in Jaishankar’s bilateral talks at the Pentagon, Austin harshly criticized China for “unprecedented provocations in the Taiwan Strait” and said it was the case that India along with the US both great democracies have joined forces to ensure a brighter outlook for the Indo-Pacific as the world confronts constant threats in peace, stability, and prosperity across the region and further.

“Our bilateral defense relations are only one of the ways that both of us great democratic nations have joined forces together to create a better tomorrow for Indo-Pacific. India and the United States and India, together with 12 additional Indo-Pacific partners, are working to increase the prosperity of our region to and within the Indo-Pacific economic framework,” Austin said in his remarks at the opening of the meeting in the report by the ANI.

In response to Austin’s remarks, Jaishankar stated that the India-US defense partnership’s “ripple impact” has a “larger benefit meaning.” Peace, security, and economic prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region should be assured Jaishankar said, noting that cooperation between the two countries is among the most effective methods to accomplish this.

“The effect of our cooperation in defense, I believe will have a greater impact. Therefore, for me, the meeting today and my presence in this room today is a sign that I agree with you that the global environment is now much more difficult due to myriad factors.”

Indo-Pacific specifically is crucial that stability, as well as the security and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific, is secured and this can be done in conjunction with the two countries, according to Jaishankar.

According to the ANI in a statement, while reassuring to Jaishankar to ensure US dedication, Austin said “But they only reiterate the importance of our relationship. As a minister, I’m very grateful that you’re a friend. We work together towards our common idea of a free as well as open Indo-Pacific. I’m looking for a lively conversation.”

In his opening remarks in Washington in the opening remarks, the Pentagon chief also spoke about the recent call he had with the Indian defense minister Rajnath Singh and stated that the defense partnership between both countries is going strong and growing stronger.

“I’m happy to be hosting your guests in the Pentagon today, in particular after my recent conversation in conversation with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. These conversations highlight the growing threat and ambition for our relationship. The partnership is growing upwards from strength. We are now preparing both the US and Indian militaries to cooperate and work more closely than they have ever before,” he added.

In a phone conversation in phone call with Austin, Rajnath Singh shared India’s concern over concerns about the American aid package that Pakistan has received for its F-16 fleet. He also discussed the growing strategic partnership and the convergence of interest.



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