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Ukraine War: Russia could be preparing for a raging urban war when Kherson’s troops are advancing into homes

The Russian-installed authorities in Kherson continued to exhort residents to evacuate the city, located along the west bank of the Dnieper River, and has been shut off from supplies and food sources by Ukrainian bombardment

 Russian soldiers are forcing Ukrainian civilians to leave their homes in the capital city of the Kherson region, and are relocating them into the area, a local resident told on Friday, as the city in the south was a key area of war in Ukraine.

The account of the soldiers spread across Kherson’s city Kherson indicated that Russia might be preparing for a ferocious urban war to counter Ukrainian advancements.

The authorities of Russia that were installed in Kherson continue to call on citizens to leave the city situated on the Western bank of the Dnieper River which has been shut off from supplies and food due to Ukrainian bombardment.

Kirill Stremousov who is the vice-president of the Kremlin-appointed regional administration has reiterated the call for the civilian population to leave for the opposite bank of the river. Stremousov announced on Wednesday that Russian forces may soon pull back out of Kherson city. In a statement on Friday, the Russian official claimed the announcement was just an attempt to promote evacuations.

Ukrainian Presidency Volodymyr Zelenskyy suggested that the Russians were playing up the pullout of Kherson to draw the Ukrainian army into a stalemated conflict. Zelenskyy described attempts to persuade people to relocate further into the territory of Russia’s “theater.”

A Kherson resident has told the Associated Press that Russian soldiers were putting themselves in empty apartments. Russian soldiers were walking from door to door inspecting property deeds and threatening tenants to quit immediately if they could not prove that they own the apartment the resident said.

“They’re making city residents evacuate, and later Russian soldiers are able to move into the freed-up homes across Kherson,” the resident spoke to the reporter under the condition that his name -Konstantin Konstantin -is utilized for security reasons. “It is evident that they’re in the process of getting ready to fight the Ukrainian army inside Kherson.”

Clinics and hospitals were not providing services to patients in Kherson the city, where residents complained of food shortages.

“There is almost no delivery of food to the city. Residents are relying on their own stock and are lining up at the few stores which are in business,” Konstantin said.

Ukrainian Military analyst Oleh Zhdanov informed The AP that in the course of its offensive to reclaim the Kherson region The Ukrainian army had to cut off the west bank Dnieper from the supply of food and weapons by shelling major transportation routes and destroying bridges crossing the river.

“The Russians understand the danger of having their transport routes blocked and have largely put down the fact that they’ll need to leave on the left bank of Dnieper,” Zhdanov said. “But the Russian troops aren’t prepared to quit Kherson in peace and are now prepared for fighting inside the city. They’re moving the reservists in the city who have been mobilized and new battalion groups for tactical combat.”

According to Zhdanov that the Ukrainian army holds a major advantage over Russians in the field of aviation and artillery along the right banks. This means that they are able to bombard Kherson’s city Kherson and be able to avoid head-on clashes.

“Kyiv is waiting for its turn due to the fact that Russian sources in Kherson are decreasing and their strength is decreasing each day which permits the Ukrainians to gather forces to carry out the main attack,” Zhdanov said.

Russian forces captured Kherson city within hours of entering Ukraine in February. Russia illegally took over the Kherson, Donetsk, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzh Kherson, Donetsk, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhia regions of Ukraine in late September. They later issued martial laws in all four provinces.

The regional administration of the Kremlin in Kherson already has shifted many thousands of civilians out of the city warning of the possibility of more bombardment as Ukraine’s army continues its offensive.

The spokesperson for Ukraine’s military in the southern region, Natalia Humeniuk, told Ukrainian television that certain Russian military personnel disguised their identities as civil servants.

None of the claims made by either side can be independently confirmed.

Additionally, Ukrainian officials reported shooting down drones fired by Russian forces. There were eight drones located in the Nikopol region, which was also hit by shells, and another drone in the western Lviv region.

The head of Ukraine’s Armed forces, Valeriy Zaluzhny, said Russian forces have “tripled the level of fighting in specific areas on the front” and were performing “up to 80 assaults per each day.”

Zelenskyy’s bureau said that at most the death toll was nine and wounded through attacks in Ukraine over the course of the day.

The Russian president was in Moscow, and Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that there were many people who want to be part of the Russian military which has already had 318,000 in the process of being mobilized. The goal, according to the authorities, was to recruit 300,000 reserve soldiers.

Putin stated that 49,000 men were already serving in the army on a mission in combat, while the rest were in training. Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said Tuesday that 87,000 troops were sent to Ukraine. This disparity is not reconciled.

When Russia announced its mobilization plan in September, protests broke out in various regions, and tens of thousands of Russians fled the country.

Putin also signed a law on Friday that permits the mobilization of the military of those who have outstanding or expunged convictions, such as those who recently were sentenced to prison in prison for murder, theft, or drug trafficking.

In the Black Sea grain corridor, Russia was able to agree on Wednesday to join an accord that was negotiated during wartime through the United Nations and Turkey allowing Ukrainian grain to be transported to international markets via it. Moscow had been unable to participate in the grain agreement over the weekend, in response to an alleged drone strike against the Black Sea fleet in Crimea.

It was reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces said “the operation of the grain corridors is continuing” Friday.

In order to return to the agreement, Russia has demanded the grain be sent to less developed countries, insisting that most of it are ending in wealthy nations. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he discussed the question of prioritizing the less developed countries to receive grain in a phone call to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Erdogan has also mentioned the possibility of sending grain to countries that are suffering from food shortages for free during the recent phone meeting with Putin The two talks are scheduled for a Group of 20 meeting in Bali this month.

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