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UK: Pigeons become ‘zombie bird’ in UK. They have twisted necks and trembling wings. Find out why and how

Pigeons are now a victim of the terrible Pigeon Paramyxovirus, also known as Newcastle’s Disease in the UK. It causes neurological symptoms such as trembling wings or a twisting neck. Affected pigeons can’t fly and become hesitant to move. Their feces are also green. This disease can be fatal to pigeons.

A spokesperson for the JSPCA Animal Shelter reported that the shelter had seen an increase in grounded pigeons over the past few weeks. Many birds with neurological symptoms such as a twisted neck or inability to stand, circling, and/or inability to stand were affected. These symptoms can be caused by pigeon paramyxovirus, which affects chickens, doves, and pigeons. It is almost always fatal.

PPMV in captivity is a serious disease. Wild birds are not affected by PPMV. The disease is fatal in a matter of days and there are no treatments. The PPMV virus is highly contagious and can be spread by the birds’ feces or other excretions. Survivors can spread the virus to other birds. The infected birds are then humanely killed at the JSPCA. Because the PPMV virus is more resilient in cold and wet seasons, clusters of disease are often found around this time.

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