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Twitter will stay on iPhone while Elon Musk and Tim Cook meet, clears the air

Musk claimed that Apple threatened to stop Twitter from the iPhone App Store earlier this week. He didn’t say why. Musk claimed it was Apple’s censorship. He also claimed that Apple had stopped advertising on Twitter

Elon Musk met Tim Cook Wednesday to discuss the possibility of Twitter being removed from the App store, just a few days after he had accused Apple of threatening Twitter.

Musk tweeted, “Among other items, we resolved the confusion about Twitter potentially being removed from the App Store.”

Musk said that Tim was clear that Apple had never considered doing this (removing Twitter from Apple’s App store).

Cook was also thanked by the Twitter CEO for taking him on a tour of Apple’s campus in Cupertino.

The Musk-Cook meeting took place just days after Apple’s newly-minted CEO accused him of threatening to ban the micro-blogging site on the iPhone App Store. He didn’t say why. He claimed it was Apple’s censorship. He also said that Apple had stopped advertising on Twitter.

One of his tweets showed that SpaceX CEO and billionaire Twitter CEO Tim Cook had tag Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Twitter account, asking “What’s the deal?”

Notably, Apple didn’t respond publicly to Musk’s tweets earlier in the week.

“Apple trying to restrict content on Twitter”

Musk tweeted a series on Monday accusing Apple of not advertising on Twitter. He suggested that this was because Apple is trying to control the content on Twitter.

Apple has largely stopped advertising on Twitter. Are they against free speech in America? Musk said.

Musk created a Twitter poll asking for feedback on whether “Apple should publish any censorship actions that it has taken that have affected its customers.”

Over 2 million votes voted in favor of the poll, which was approved by 85 percent.

Musk also attacked Apple’s commission for in-app purchases in his Monday tweets. Musk claimed that Apple charges software developers as much as 30% for in-app purchases. He posted even a meme suggesting he would rather “go to war with Apple” than pay the commission.

According to reports, Twitter’s revenue has fallen significantly since Musk bought the social media giant in October 2012.

A number of advertisers quit micro-blogging sites due to hate speech concerns, and confusion about Musk’s plans for moderation.

About 90% of the total revenue from Twitter comes from advertising sales. Musk allegedly blames activists for making it difficult for advertisers to leave Twitter.

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