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The Menu’s Star Nicholas Hoult Talks about Playing a Try-Hard Foodie and preparing for Nicholas Cage’s “Original” Dracula

This actor teases his collaboration with Nic Cage in the coming Universal film ‘Renfield’ “I believe there aren’t two more iconic characters as Dracula or Nic Cage.”

Nicholas Hoult savored his time on scene in the TV show The Menu.

In Mark Mylod’s darkly funny film, Hoult portrays Tyler, an overly-passionate foodie who invites Margot from Anya Taylor-Joy’s character to an isolated island for a restaurant, which is hosted by Ralph Fiennes’ celebrity chef, Julian Slowik. Tyler really wants Margot to enjoy the experience as he does but she’s unhappy with the whole experience until things take a dramatic twist.

Due to his character’s characteristics and the manner in which Mylod is directed in the movie, Hoult did not have a choice other than eating more than he normally would in any particular scene.

“With Tyler, I just had to be eating constantly. Mark [Mylod] also filmed this film using cameras that roamed and I wasn’t certain what would appear on screen at any moment. That’s why I needed to put my heart into it and commit to eating well,” Hoult tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Hoult will also be looking forward to his next co-production together with Nicolas Cage courtesy of Chris McKay’s Renfield. Hoult is the English actor who will play the role of Renfield who is the right hand to Cage’s Dracula and Hoult cannot wait for the world to find out what Cage has come up with.

“To have the opportunity to work with him when performing Dracula I’m not sure there’s anything more iconic as Dracula and Nic Cage,” Hoult shares. “As a person who is a pure soul to surround yourself with, I’m looking forward to people coming to check out what he’s created. It’s unique and yet it’s rooted in the history of many times, Dracula history and folklore. It’s a lot of fun and interesting, even though it’s an extremely bizarre, high-end tone for an action comedy.”

In a recent chat in a recent interview with THR, Hoult also discusses his talks with Taylor-Joy on the acclaimed filmmakers George Miller and Robert Eggers in the midst of Taylor-Joy’s preparations for the film Furiosa and Hoult’s preparing for the later’s Nosferatu.

After you’ve created the menu Did you stop taking photos of your meals?

(Laughs.) I’m sure I’m not a professional photographer of food however, this was a great lesson on not doing it. Tyler has a habit of sneaking pictures while he shouldn’t as well as one of his demands at Hawthorne is not to photograph the food. But he isn’t listening.

Yes, I’ve met people who were like me in a few ways, but the character was not an individual. It was a combination of what was written in the script, and also talking to Mark Mylod Director Mark Mylod, as well as coming up with thoughts regarding the desperation of the character and how uneasy his personality is. Then I put it together with what I’ve observed in restaurants with friends over the years and tried to discover the truth behind that.

I’m sure you’re not like your character But do you have a specific food that makes you concerned about how it’s made?

I love cheese and pickle sandwiches however, I’m not a fan when I purchase them. Most times it’s because they’re not prepared like I do the ones at home. They’re so specific to me and the way I make them is completely different, I guess. This is something that’s not satisfying when I purchase it and elsewhere.

Chef Julian Slowick (Ralph Fiennes) has lost his love for the art form to that he has dedicated his entire life. I believe that’s more typical than we think. But most people aren’t willing to go to extremes to express their love for art. What do you think? Has this movie changed your mind about the importance of protecting your passion for making art?

It’s one of the most beautiful themes or messages throughout this tale. It’s that idea that you devote your entire life to something and you strive to do positive change within the framework of that. You produce things that people are interested in and that you value however there are instances when it’s hard or even impossible. Therefore, at times you need to turn back to remind yourself of the reasons you began doing the things you do to ensure that it’s not contaminated or tainted in some way.

Because of the unusual food being served Did you consume more food than you typically would during a performance?

I indulged in a huge amount of food because Tyler is supposed to be one who is all about food and is somewhat of an overeater. He’s very greedy and wants to take in the entire event. That’s why I ate so much. I’m not particularly clever, generally speaking, but I’m also particularly concerned about the notion of moving food around on the table during a dinner scene, but not eating very much. With Tyler I was forced to eat constantly. Mark also shot the film using roaming cameras and I was unsure what would be shown at any given moment. That’s why I decided to commit myself to eat.

To be disqualified by Ralph Fiennes’ character Is that a frightening spot to be in?

Yes, absolutely. It’s a bit daunting and a bit scary, but Ralph is such an incredibly generous actor, and an incredibly gentle soul to surround. I’ve been a big fan of his work and Ralph for many years and I was amazement watching him through this entire process. So I took all the fanboy feelings and emotions that I felt and placed them in Tyler because he intended to be all of these things in his responses to Chef Slowik.

So I had to ask Anya to tell me if you had given her the George Miller crash course, however, she told me that it was not the case. She claimed that you were more helpful and helpful. Does this mean that you can only comprehend when on a set with him?

I would say that’s the case. Many have asked me if have any advice however I don’t believe there’s anything required prior to going into a movie. It’s a large production, and there’s a lot happening and it’s an extremely emotional experience. However, George has a gentle compassionate, and committed director. His mind is so creative and genius that it is impossible to be able to comprehend exactly what he’s seeing. You must give up control, follow his instructions and trust his abilities. The most important thing is to trust him.

Your news was much later and did Anya offer you a crash course by Robert Eggers in the Nosferatu movie?

We discussed that in a small amount. Anya mentioned that he’s an incredible director, not only in regards to the things he requires from you as an actor and also the knowledge can he extract from you. When start working with him is an experience I’m extremely looking forward to seeing. I’m a huge lover of his films and their look as well as their feeling of them. Therefore, being allowed to be on his set and watch how the film comes to life is something I’m extremely happy about.

I am a huge fan of films and shows that focus on the creation of famous films, such as The Offer, which chronicles the creation of the film The Godfather. What do you think about the possibility of there being a film on the making of Mad Max: Fury Road sometime in the future?

I’m not sure. (Laughs.) It’s not easy to define, isn’t it? Perhaps that’s something that people want to get into. As I view a movie that I’m involved in, all the thoughts of the process of making it pop up suddenly and it’s fantastic. It’s like you remember the same thing that happened during the shoot that day, and it brings back all the memories that aren’t always present on the screen. Perhaps there’s something you can learn from this however I’m not sure.

I’m speaking for all of us in the fact that we were so devastated after you quit Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. Was it a simple problem of timing?

Unfortunately, it was due to Covid and things going down for a time. Productions then clashed and I was unable to be an active participant for a while.

I mentioned my thoughts on the George Miller experience moments ago But you’ve been through another Nic Cage encounter. What do you have to say about Renfield?

(Laughs.) Yes, the two Nic Cage encounter was awe-inspiring. I was able to work with him at the age of fourteen. I was his son in a film named the Weather Man, and I felt so blessed to get back on the set with him as I’m an avid fan of his. It was a pleasure to be a part of his cast while the film was in production, he played Dracula I can’t imagine there’s a more iconic thing than Dracula as well as Nic Cage. It’s a great opportunity to put them together and share scenes with him and take in the inspiration and things he contributes to the role, the enjoyment of it all, and the commitment and passion for acting, I was enthralled by every moment. As a person, he’s an amazing person to surround yourself with, and I’m eager to watch what he’s created. It’s unique, but it’s also a part of the past, Dracula’s history, and folklore. This makes it exciting although it’s an extremely bizarre, high-end tone for an action comedy. Therefore, I’m looking forward to it.

My first encounter with you was via Skins which you were a part of, and you together with a few of your castmates went on to have amazing careers (Dev Patel Daniel Kaluuya, and Kaya Scodelario to name just several among them. Did you notice something special that was in the water back then times? Do you attribute this group’s achievement to any particular factor?

Skins was simply a basis for learning, and the writing was fantastic in that show. Through the casting process as well as the process of creating it, they uncovered extremely talented individuals. In the end, many of us have become together, which means we get to witness everyone’s careers grow out of the show. Skins were the English version of the teenage dramas that have become so well-known in the States However, it was incredibly specific to the time period and the time. The script is written by a team of young writers and it was authentic. We were also quite young at the time we wrote it. We were 16and 17 which means we were growing up and experiencing these experiences while making them appear on screen simultaneously. It was also less fabricated in my opinion as opposed to others. It’s still exciting to see all the efforts that are being made by people.

I often ask actors in their younger years what kind of film they’d like to see one day The most common answer is The Favourite. Have you experienced admiration for that film from co-stars?

I’m not kidding, I love this film. This was a movie that I had the privilege of appearing in a few times but not to see a lot of incredible scenes with Rachel [Weiszas well as Olivia [Colman and Emma Stone. So, when I finally got to see it, I thought, “Oh, this is incredible.” Yorgos [Lanthimos] is an amazing storyteller. His ability to weave this dark, twisted, and tense drama while also incorporating genuine humor and humor and create a film that’s toned, and totally original is amazing. It’s a film I am very grateful to be a part.

A Lord of the Rings show has been released recently, and a slew of people emerged from the woodwork to appear as if they were aware of the things J. R. R. Tolkien could or might not would have liked from the series. As someone who was Tolkien could anyone even remotely guess what he’d actually have wanted from his adaptations of works?

I’m not sure. His mind was an exciting, beautiful space that I comprehend and learn from being able to pretend to be a part of it for short periods of time. If these characters, those worlds, and their language continue to continue to evolve and grow I’m sure that’s thrilling in his memory.

On the very first day. I walked up to the set and said, “Oh, we’re going to be inside the establishment for 8 months.” Hong Chau’s character revealed the location where we would be seating in the evening, this was the beginning of the adventure were about to embark on as actors. There was something special about watching Ralph at work for the very first time and having that first glimpse of Ralph at his best. There was a lot of small, tiny details day, which made it an extremely memorable day for me.

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