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The Marriage App movie review: Luisana Lopilato stars with stellar actors in an unpredictably predictable Argentinian romantic comedy

The potential for satire is unfulfilled since the producers only depend on random gags to get a few laughs.

Belen as well as Federico can be any pair in the world. They get together as romantic couples in rom-coms typically do, as strangers who meet after an accidental accident, with a romantic tune that plays as background. The story is fast-forwarded quickly. Belen Federico and Belen Federico are currently married, and, just a few years later, and two children later they discover their marriage is getting stuck in a rut. They then discover Equilibrium the app that is that promises to change tired marriages.

The marriage App named Matrimillas in its original Spanish language attempts to create the kind of lighthearted laughs that one would expect from a classic romantic comedy. It also blends it with a subtle mockery of the modern-day fascination with apps that solve all problems in life. The producers of this Argentinian film were clearly not in the mood for deep discussions about the issues of relationships that drive the story, and the Director Sebastian De Caro mostly focuses on the couple’s unique desire to be married to generate humor and romantic drama in the plot.

In the time of Apple watches, Equilibrium sure would seem like a joke. A fictional device that was created to be a real script, it’s like an actual watch, but it’s actually a scale that can “make happy ever after the reality” according to the smart spokesperson who promoted the idea for Belen and Federico and Federico, noting: “You can make use of these scales in order to balance relationships.” Simply said, every watch records points, also known as miles, to its wearer, with the individual that is being questioned standing to gain or lose miles according to how they act with their partner. It is a tracking device that utilizes biometric data to track emotions, and later transform them into miles. Once one has the required miles are able to use it to purchase things that are that they enjoy. “It’s like an emotional currency,” explains the representative.

The humor is predictable right away but mostly average in the event that Belen and Federico are willing to play the application. In the beginning, they’re honest about their intentions and then are able to slap each other in the face to make the other satisfied. “It’s barely a week and I’m already feeling the difference.” Belen confesses to a friend who responds with a joke: “You’re becoming his love slave.” Funny humor is sparked by the dining room scene, where Federico is cooking a lavish Asian dinner for Belen and her children. In their show of feelings for one another, they completely ignore the kids. “Are we living in a parallel reality?” their little boy asks his parents as they appear to be a couple ahead of them. “Perhaps they’re experiencing the famous midlife crisis at the same time,” his older sister responds.

Just after you’d thought that it was getting boring, the script introduces the only twist on which the entire story is built. In the end, the main goal of the couple isn’t to make each other happy. The app is driving them, and Belen and Federico are in a rush to rack up more miles than their counterparts. For Federico particularly, achieving this is vital since being the first to earn 1,000 points could allow him to realize his dream vacation to Cancun. The tension between the couple takes on a new twist when competition begins to creep into the couple’s love affair. Trash removal can no longer be a normal task, but rather a way to accumulate some miles.

The issue the two have with Belen and Federico evidently is that they cannot be trusted to behave badly with each other because it would cause the devaluation of points. Therefore, they attempt to maintain a façade of respect and affection to hide their unrestrained desire to be the winner in this unique sport of one-upmanship. As time passes, the desire to win is more than simply that. It becomes a desire to separate from one others. However, as this attitude is gaining momentum, things could begin to get out of hand. The reason the couple had decided to test the app seems to have gone awry.

Screenwriters Gabriel Korenfeld and Rocio Blanco created a surprisingly simple narrative, focusing on the same plot. A marriage tension that is generated by a bizarre application isn’t really an amusing thing, especially if it causes the couple to the brink of breaking. The duo who wrote the script is, however, focusing on Belen Federico and Belen’s increasingly troubled relationship as a way to create a few laughs and consciously avoids looking into the deeper layers. They are, however, very clever. humor, however simple but they’re generally hilarious and enough to warrant at least a few laughs.

The director Sebastian De Caro has in the past displayed a passion to play around with rom-com themes, without altering their essence in the mainstream. In Rockabilly which was his debut film in 1999, De Caro gave the boy-meets-girl formula a fresh twist. the story of a young man who will do anything to find the woman that he has always wanted, even though she’s not interested in him. In his 2013 release, 20,000 Besos, the director looked at the erratic nature of love by telling the eyes about a person who wishes to stay single but can’t resist becoming a lover to an unpopular female colleague. In comparison to the previous films, the story of De Caro’s rom-com offered a greater scope to analyze human relationships with a hint of humor and a little depth. It could be a sharp critique of the new age of technology, gadgets, and more. The filmmaker’s primary goal is for the hilarious on-screen couple to take on the role of a field.

Then, Luisana Lopilato and Juan Minujin are the mainstays of the romantic comedies they are able to perform playing Belen as well as Federico. The fame of Lopilato in the eyes of global OTT viewers is in her role as the ferocious action hero Manuela “Pipa” Pelari as part of the trilogy thriller Perdida, La Corazonada, and Pipa. She clearly loves changing her image when she appears in the film The Marriage App. Her chemistry as a comic with Minjuin’s Federico is subtle and authentic in scenes of romance and tension. The film’s jovial humor comes from of the effortless chemistry the two characters share on the screen.

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