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The Love of Love Cuba adds to the growing number of nations that have legalized the same-sex marriage

Cuba has passed a law that legalizes gay marriages. From Switzerland to Taiwan the list of countries that grant access to rights for the LGBTQ+ community is growing.

It’s love! This will be the case for couples across Cuba since Cuba has legalized gay marriage.

It is believed as a major moment for the nation, around two-thirds of the population voted to pass changes to the updated Family Code. The law also gives couples of the same gender the option of adopting children.

The vote is significant for the nation with a long tradition of slaying gay people and forcing them into work camps in the 1970s as well as the 1960s as per a story published by BBC.

The preliminary results revealed that 66 percent of votes counted for the law, whereas it needed 50 percent of the vote to be approved.

Cuba was the latest country to join the group of ones that allow same-sex marriage of couples.

Let’s examine some of the countries which have allowed marriages between the same genders in recent years.


The country has now legalized same-sex weddings in 2021. The law was backed by 64 percent of voters.

Although Switzerland permitted couples of the same gender to declare their partnership in 2007, their rights were not allowed.

The new law permitted homosexual couples to take on children. Lesbian couples also had the option to have children via donor sperm following the passage of the referendum.

Justice Minister Karin Keller-Sutter stated, “Whoever loves each other and wishes to marry is able to marry, regardless of whether it’s two men or two women, or a man and woman.”

The decision was resisted by the country’s right-wing political party which is known as the Swiss People’s Party. Monika Rueegger, who is a member of the party spoke to Reuters, “This was not about love or emotions. It was about the welfare of children.”


Chile approved marriage equality for couples of the same gender last December. Both chambers of the Chilean Congress approved the change with an overwhelming majority.

In the wake of the referendum, which was backed by former President Sebastian Pinera, Chile became the eighth Latin American country to allow gay marriages.

The nation’s LGBTQ LGBTQ community had been pushing for the legislation, which was put off by Congress in 2017.

Prior to the introduction of the law, it was already legal to establish civil unions between couples who were gay 2015. Couples were able to sign up for a Civil Union Agreement even before the law was passed.

In the story of NPR, The new law extends the rights of parents to all same-sex parents, as well as increases spousal benefits to married couples with same-sex.

Costa Rica

The year 2020 saw Costa Rica lift the ban on gay marriages almost two years after the nation’s Supreme Court said banning gay weddings was in violation of the Constitution.

In an Instagram post that was sent out by the former president, Carlos Alvarado Quesada said the legalization of marriages between gay and straight couples will provide LGBTQ couples equal rights to else families within the country. “Together with our own flags, we can build a better country,” he said.

In the year 2018, the Costa Rican Supreme Court ruled that banning the marriage of same-sex couples is illegal and discriminatory. The legislature was then given the period of 18 months to amend the law, otherwise, the ban could be removed immediately in accordance with an article by CBS News.


The Ecuadorian apex court has issued an order that recognizes gay marriages that are not based on gender, providing an important increase in the country’s LGBTQ rights in 2019.

The decision was deemed to be significant because Ecuador is home to an overwhelming majority of Catholics.

The nation’s constitutional court decided in favor of the direction of legislation, asserting that the marriage laws of the time were mostly discriminatory and unconstitutional. The country legally recognized same-sex marriages in 2015 through legislation that gave LGBT couples rights similar to those enjoyed by couples of opposite genders, with the exception of adoption.


In the year 2019, Taiwan was the first Asian country to pass a law that legalized same-sex marriages.

According to a report from CNN, The decision came nearly two years after an old law that stated that marriages could only be between a male and woman – was declared illegal.

The veteran gay rights activist Chi Chia Wei, who spent the last 30 years fighting for equality in marriage, 2015 submitted a formal request to challenge the nation’s civil code which states it is a marriage between two people, namely a male and woman.

In 2017, based on a variety of requests from the public The court found that the code was in violation of the constitution.

Other countries permit gay marriages

Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia also legalized marriages between same-sex couples not many years ago.

According to an article in the Sun same-sex marriages were allowed within the UK in 2013, despite facing opposition against it from Tory leaders. The law was approved by then-Prime Premier David Cameron who banked on the backing of the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party.

In 2015 in 2015, 2015, the Supreme Court of the US permitted marriages between the same genders throughout the United States. In a story published by USA Today, this matter was heard in the apex court following groups of couples of the same genders filing suit against stage companies across Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee in protest against these states’ bans on same-sex weddings.

The Australian parliament adopted the law on marriage equality in 2017 that permitted two couples regardless of sexual orientation in Australia to be married.

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