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Since the victims of rape are actual criminals in Qatar and not the perpetrators of rape, FIFA intervenes

In Qatar, every sexual encounter that is not a part of marriage is regarded as criminal and it appears that the FIFA security council has directed officers of Qatar’s Gulf nation to not detain victims of rape that involves women.

Qatar is dominating attention for the current FIFA world cup 2022 in Qatar. The police of this Gulf state issued an announcement stating female fans won’t be prosecuted when they complain about sexual assault or rape.

In Qatar, the act of sexual sex that is not related to marriage is regarded as an offense and it appears that the FIFA Security Committee has instructed the Qatari authorities not to detain women who have been raped.

FIFA further added, “Women will be able to access medical treatment, including… that relates to reproductive health or pregnancy regardless of circumstance and will not have to worry about any accusations.”

Sexual assault victims shouldn’t be prosecuted: FIFA to Qatar police

A notice of advisory sent an advisory notice to Qatar officials by FIFA says that any football fan who is victimized by violence or assault, should not be charged with having extra-marital relationships.

“Law enforcement could only get involved if there is a suspicion of sexual violence or abuse against women,” the FIFA security committee said, adding, “Women will not face any accusations if they report rape or sexual harassment/violence.”

The laws are similar in Qatar which state that the rape or sexual assault victim is sentenced to seven years in prison as well as 100 lashings.

World Cup official female who is facing a jail sentence

On June 6 2021, a 28-year-old woman World Cup official named Paola Schietekat, who was from Mexico was adamant about being raped while working with the organizing Committee in Qatar.

She fled Qatar after being sexually assaulted and abused by an acquaintance who broke into her house and threatened to murder her.

The incident was reported during the Mexican consultation to the Qatari police who replied by accusing her of having an affair, and accused her of “extramarital sexual relations”.

According to a report from New York Post, Schietekat said: “It was three hours of interrogation conducted in Arabic and, at some point, they asked for a test of virginity.”

She added, “For some reason, I was accused of being the culprit.”

Lawyers recommended marrying her aggressor

The man whom Schietekat was accused of sexually assaulting Schietekat was cleared of charges of assault however, she was still under suspicion. The reports said lawyers had told Schietekat that the best option to stay out of jail was to tie the knot with her suspected attacker.

Schietekat was not the only one to be asked to leave Doha and give up the job she had always wanted to have.

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