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Shah Rukh Khan adds fuel to the fire, sharing another photo of him in a shirtless pose with his fans

While flaunting his impressive eight-pack abs The actor decided to let his eye talk for him.

While we wanted to enjoy the day in peace, Shah Rukh Khan appeared to be working on the idea of dropping an enormous bomb on his followers and his followers. Inflicting sleepless nights and inciting the despair of followers and making the waiting to see Pathaaneven more difficult The King of Bollywood made a post on the Instagram page on Sunday night to post an amazing photo of himself. With his abs in full view and sporting an intense smile, SRK has made it very difficult for anyone to get their attention away from his stunning looks. It is a known reality that Shah Rukh’s stunning appearances in Pathaan have fueled the excitement surrounding his upcoming action film. The actor also shared his image with a message about his shirt that was missing that couldn’t be missed by his wife or Interior designer Gauri Khan.

Engaging in his inner movie fan and confessing that he is eagerly awaiting his next movie Shah Rukh wrote the caption “Me to My Shirt today: ‘ Tum hoti toh kaisa hota ….Tum iss baat pe hairaan hoti, Tum iss baat pe kitni hansti …….Tum hoti toh aisa hota..’ (How would it be if you were here, you would have been surprised at this, you would have laughed so much at this, this would have happened if you were there) Me also waiting for Pathaan.” In the photo, SRK can be seen on a couch sitting on couch with his back resting against his arm. While flaunting his impressive eight-pack abs the actor’s eyes speak for themselves. Alongside his muscular body, the Badshah of Bollywood has left his fans in awe with his hair-long style and his rough-looking beard.

The comments section was immediately overflowing with celebrities sharing their shock. His wife Gauri said, “Oh God! He’s now talking to his shirts too …..!!! !” Soon-to-be bride Richa Chaddha posted “Jin Logon Ki Shaadiyan ho that do… Ehtiyat banana theek (people who are getting married soon be married must be cautious).” Tiger Shroff said, “I was thinking of having a day off. Then I came across this. Legend.” The film will be raising the factor for his action movie, SRK will be once again sharing the screen with his co-stars Shanti Priya and Deepika Padukone. Siddharth’s directorial will certainly have the action pumped up since the film will also star John Abraham. Pathaan will release in theaters next year in January.



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