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Race and the burden of being a princess Harry-Meghan’s shocking revelations from their Netflix series

The three premiere shows of the Netflix docuseries “Harry and Meghan” has been released and the couple isn’t holding their distance. The Duchess and Duke of Sussex will tell their story beginning with their first meeting to Meghan’s first encounters with the royals as well as the harassment and racism in the British media.

What way the British royals manage to live is a question every person has thought about at one point or another in their lives. Today, Prince Harry along with his partner Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, have disclosed all of the details in their Netflix amazing docuseries, Harry & Meghan. It is also full of explosive revelations!

The first volume of the series that includes the first three hours of the show that premiered on Thursday, following months of speculation. The show explores their lives as senior and working royalty. It also provides a glimpse of how they began their turbulent romance.

It marks the first time since their candid interview with Oprah Winfrey that the pair Meghan, as well as Harry, are discussing all the negative press coverage that led them to take the shocking choice in the year 2020 of resigning as the top royalty.

If you’re not in a position to binge-watch the hours-long shows, this is a short review of what they showed, and, for those who are interested the next three episodes are scheduled to air on December 15th.

Finding Meghan On Instagram

Although certain of the revelations in the Netflix documentary is very painful and expose some of the “unconscious bias” about race at Buckingham Palace, there are also some adorable and uplifting moments.

Harry in the show reveals the humorously relatable ways Harry first met his current wife. Meghan was first the focus of Harry while scrolling through his Instagram feed. He noticed a post shared by a friend of his who posted on Instagram with Meghan using the then-famous Dog filter that was available on Snapchat.

He also asked his friend to introduce them via email, and they subsequently decided to swap numbers.

When Meghan is in London to attend Wimbledon the couple was able to have drinks. The first date got off to a rough beginning and ended with Harry being nearly an hour behind. However, by the time they had finished their first encounter, their bond was evident and they decided to eat dinner the next day.

“He was so much fun and refreshingly enjoyable. And that’s what was so special about him. We were like children together,” Meghan recalls.

“There was just one picture. We wanted to capture the experience of sitting in the little eatery and thinking”Oh my god I think we’ll try it”,” she adds.

In contrast to the majority of us who are happy to have a third date at an expensive dining establishment, Harry and Meghan’s third date was in Botswana, Africa. They took five days to get to meet each other. Harry mentions in the series, “That was when it came to me and I thought”Okay, this woman is incredible she’s everything I’ve been searching for and she’s so relaxed and comfortable in my companionship’.”

That moment of ‘Nazi’

In 2005 Prince Harry received the center of a storm of rage and a ruckus when a photo of him dressed as the character of a Nazi was plastered all over the place.

In series in the serial, the Royal claims that this incident is “one of the most costly errors of my entire life” and that he was “so embarrassed afterward.”

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“All I wanted to do was get things right. I took a seat and talked to the chief Rabbi in London who was a huge influence on me. It was then that I visited Berlin and talked to Holocaust survivors. I could have brushed it off it and committed the same mistakes again in my own life. However, I’ve learned from it,” he says in one of the episodes.

A ‘practiced engagement interview’

In an attempt to clarify why their relationships were routinely orchestrated, and how they were not allowed to share their tale, Meghan in the third episode, discusses their marriage. She said the whole episode was to be an “orchestrated television show”.

The interview took place after the couple’s engagement shoot with the media in Kensington Palace’s sunken garden, with Meghan declaring: “We went right inside. We took off the coat. Sat down and gave the interview. All in the exact moment.”

It was organized through Kensington Palace’s press office. Kensington Palace press office as part of the preparation for an announcement about Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

In the documentary, they were asked if they were prepared with any questions they could be asked. The duchess tells the reporter: “Yeah. But also like “and then there’ll be an opportunity for them to ask to examine the engagement ring’.”

She said: “My point is we were not allowed to tell our story due to the fact that they didn’t want …” to hear Harry interjecting “We’ve never been permitted to share the story of our life… That’s the inconsistency.”

Intrusive media and a lack of backing from the Palace

The most frequent theme of the series is how it has been to be a nuisance for the media and how unfairly they have treated Meghan.

Harry admits that he’s not been a fan of paparazzi since the time he was a kid and believes that the media view the “trauma” as a way to “control”. Harry also addresses the royal rota, which is a system in which media are given slots to cover members of the royal family.

He added: “If you’re part of the royal rota, then you have a higher priority on the news over all other people. Every royal story goes by the means of all the newspapers in the royal rota. Most of which, except for the Telegraph are tabloids.

“It all boils down to the control of it all, as if “this family belongs to us to take advantage of, and their pain is our story, and our story is ours to manage.”

Meghan is also open about how she was received by the media and although this is not a secret, certain details were difficult to follow. In a reference to some media reports on Meghan, she mentioned one report that stated: “Harry’s girl is (almost) straight from Compton”.

Meghan claims that the story is incorrect. “Firstly it’s true that the fact that I’m not from Compton and I’ve never lived in Compton and therefore, it’s inaccurate. Why do you need to attack Compton?”

The thing that Harry and Meghan were able to discover that they found more concerning, as they say in their story, was that the Palace did not act as if the media’s attitude towards Meghan was an important “rite to be a part of”. They claim they were warned not to speak in response to any kind of stories and accusations in the tabloids, such as the racially charged coverage of Meghan’s childhood and her life. Meghan claims that the assumption was that things would improve in the event that they didn’t accept the media coverage.

Harry admits that some relatives were “right however my wife had to go through it, then why should she be treated differently? Why should you be given the same treatment? Why should she be protected? He replied, “The difference here is the race aspect.”

Beware that you will lose Meghan

Harry also admits in the show that Meghan is like Harry’s mother Diana. “So much of the things Meghan is, and the way she is like my mother. She is the same compassionate she shares the same empathy and she’s got the same faith and she has this warm smile around her,” said Harry.

He admitted that he was concerned that “history will repeat its own story” after he married Meghan. “I acknowledge the fact that I will meet those across the globe who completely disagree with what I’ve done, and how I’ve achieved it however I was aware I needed to do my best to safeguard my family, particularly after the tragedy that occurred to my mom,” he said.

Formalities as well as awkward interactions with relatives

The show also shows the way Meghan was first introduced to Harry’s family and the awkwardness. When asked about the first time she got to meet the brother of Harry, Prince William She recalls, “I remember I was wearing ripped jeans and was walking around in sandals. My mother was always a hugger. Always been an emotional hugger. I did not realize that it can be quite jarring for many Brits. I think I began to realize very quickly that the formality of the outside was carried over to the inside. There is an upward-facing style of living. Then you shut the door and think”Oh, good. We can now unwind right now. However, that formality is evident on both sides. It was quite surprising to me.”

Harry claimed that his maternal grandmother Queen Elizabeth II was the first high-ranking member of the royal family that met Meghan.

Meghan remembers being told she had to bow and bow to Harry. Harry told her: “How do you explain that you bow to your grandmother? and that everyone has to bow. Particularly to an American. That’s weird.”

The mom of Meghan’s Doria Ragland has a voice

The Harry family has remained the quiet side and not taken part in the show, Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland has spoken out for her first interview. Ragland speaks about feeling “stalked by paparazzi” and being “unsafe often.”

Ragland admits that she had to explain to her daughter the controversy over her inclusion within the family of the monarch was “about the race.” “As an adult with a recollection of the past, I would love to be able to revisit an honest discussion about the way the world perceives your persona,” she said.

Was she thinking of Harry? “He was six feet tall and an attractive person with red hair. He had very nice manners. He was super charming. And they seemed really happy together. He looked like the only one.”

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