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OTT Halloween horror movies such as those from the Barbarian and the Cabinet Curiosities increase the stakes

The best writers and filmmakers create solid horror stories that make the genre a huge hit.

It’s the time to get ready for goosebump-inducing jump scares and terrors. The genre of horror, which frequently receives a lot of apathy and disdain from high-end reviewers and elite commentators, returns with a vengeance after Halloween. This is basically a children’s fun festival in the world paired with the most anticipated horror movies and series on OTT. The genre is still an absolute favorite for audiences across the world, storytelling in the frights realm has also changed. It has now become drama and black comedy, in part.

Barbarian On Hotstar Barbarian, on Hotstar, has taken the sub-genre of horror movies to a new level. It’s simply a simple basis. The Airbnb home is a space of untrue truths and a woman arrives at this house and discovers that the site double-booked her. It’s a rainy evening in an isolated location, and she’s required to stay there until dawn. Her stay in spite of the absurdity of living with a shady stranger and never keeping an eye on him leads to an array of revelations that reveal dark underground chambers with hidden doors hidden behind doors as well as a torture chamber. numerous unimaginable crimes committed by one person which leads others to follow suit. Zach Cregg, a relatively new filmmaker has created a humorous and intelligent socio-economic commentary that is a backdrop in this relentless fright film. It’s about the loss of a section of a once thriving town, Detroit, to rot as the economy changed. It exposes racial tensions as well as poor decisions made by the government during the Reagan period that changed the appearance of a reputable area and caused the area to be abandoned by the city’s administration. Barbarian isn’t an edgy or scripted tale, but it’s a resonant screenplay that frightens the viewer with a humorous perspective on why these horrific acts took place in this home of terrors.

It’s not as well-constructed as Barbarian and yet enough addictive it is the newest web television series the Devil’s Hour on Prime Video. Pete Capaldi has a significant shift in the character he played in his Doctor Who acts as the unsettling, mysterious, and boring villain in the show. Jessica Raine the protagonist is a young mother struggling with a non-responsive boy who frightens doctors and has frightening visions of the future in addition to other things. Tom Moran, another relatively young writer, has created this dark, dark comedy with twists and twists. Raine’s character is forced to face her fears, and while doing so, speaks to an unanswered older male Gideon (Pete Capaldi). As she speaks to him, an unintentional rabbit hole is revealed, crossing her path with tragic incidents from the past as well as current police investigations. Without giving spoilers away the series ends with a sigh which makes you realize that there is a lot happening. There are explanations, quickly wrapped-up solutions, and a bit of theorizing. A show that encases itself in so many unanswered issues that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats all through could have come to an even more thrilling conclusion however, it’s not as logical. However, overall, this series sets the stage for a new kind of horror, one that is focused on the inside and focuses on conversations.

The most captivating selection, one that has massive proportions and huge size can be Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities. Similar to an episode Alfred Hitchcock presents, this anthology series on Netflix unravels the details of Del Toro’s complex but fascinating thought process throughout the years. The eight episodes were directed by promising directors of horror films, which includes well-known ones such as Jennifer Kent of The Babadook and Catherine Hardwicke of Twilight. The Cabinet of Del Toro contains themes that horror films are based on specific responses of the people. There’s greed, vanity, the desire to be a better person, and even obsession. Each story is visually breathtaking featuring beautiful ghosts as well as horrifying changes to the human body. There’s a hint of gothic as well as the deep and dark nature of Del Toro’s films however, the majority of these eight episodes are able to allow the director to create a dramatic impact. The Director of the film, Pan’s Labyrinth along with the Shape of Water, makes his creatures likable. This is one of the elements that stand out in these tales that span the centuries. Cabinet of Curiosities is a fairytale-like storytelling but with a spooky twist to the characters. Instead of counting jump scares and other common horror techniques, this anthology uses the fear of death as a powerful storytelling motif.

Horror is not a genre that is self-limiting anymore. For instance, the series A Silent Place and Hereditary or the Mike Flanagan series that have done wonders on Netflix ( The Haunting on Hill HouseMidnight Mass) and scary stories are a staple on the lists of most viewers. With writers, filmmakers as well as new movie stars experimenting with exciting horror over the last several years the genre has expanded qualitatively. It surely is entertaining every time it shows on our screens.



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