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Michael Sheen Gives Rousing Speech to Wales Soccer Team Ahead of World Cup

The Welsh actor has become a sensation via social media twice in a few weeks due to his spine-tingling pep talks.

If Wales does anything extraordinary at the football World Cup, then Michael Sheen may have contributed to the success of Wales in his small way.

The Welsh actor has been a viral sensation on social media twice in the span of a few weeks with his exuberant pre-tournament pep speeches for the Wales National soccer squad, as they prepare to begin the final stages of preparations for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar where they will play England, Iran, and the U.S. in the group stages.

A few weeks ago The Good Omens actor, who was a guest on the British games TV show “A League Of Their Own appeared to riff off an off-the-cuff thrilling talk for the Welsh team. The speech was based on mythology, legends the national identity of Wales, and more.

“A winning song, which floated across the valleys like an eerie red mist that floats over the mountains, like thunder in crimson,” Sheen roared in the first of his speeches, as he left the audience in the studio and panel members stunned. “A Red storm has been approaching Qatar’s gates! Qatar!”

The speech clips that were worthy of any Hollywood sports film, reverberated in a blaze on social media. The Wales Team Manager Rob Page was moved to invite the actor to join the team and address the team directly.

Sheen was able to comply and on Monday, the video of the new speech also started to be trending on social media.

Close your eyes of yours and breathe deeply in the neck of each one. That’s because that’s every single man, woman, and child of this ancient land, standing in front of you. This is Wales, the nation of Wales Your people,” Sheen says in the new speech. “Feel their breath rushing as well as yours. You can hear their blood beating through your ears, beating through your heart, and bursting out of your chest. This is your blood from Wales it’s your blood. It’s red like the old dream book. Red like the flag of the rising of Merthyr. Red as the grand Wall of Gwalia. Since that’s what you carry around with you Boys.”

He goes on to say: “Across 64 years, across half the length of the globe. It’s in your chest. It’s on your back. It’s right by your side. We always hear that we have too little slow or weak, and too filled with fear, but the hyd, sons of Speed! The red walls surrounding us, we’re there!”

Wales starts the World Cup campaign against the U.S. at 2 p.m. ET in November. 21 at Fox as well as Telemundo.



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