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Kamal Haasan, who thinks that the Chola King was not Hindu was himself victimized by religious scanning at one time

But the real question is why is this question being asked? What is the reason we should review the dynasty’s identity as a religious entity hundreds of years after its inception? Mani Ratnam’s boring film Ponniyin Selvan will bring the Chola dynasty to existence.

Kamal Haasan is one of the best actors from India and the entire world. He should, however, stay his distance from politics. He’s an atheist who has declared his beliefs. Also, the fact that Chola chaps were Chola members are Hindus, Muslims or Parsis isn’t a concern for him.

The question is what is the reason for this? Why is it necessary to review the dynasty’s identity as a religious entity several centuries since its inception? Mani Ratnam’s dull and mediocre movie Ponniyin Selvan is a powerful film that brings the Chola dynasty to existence.

The talented filmmaker Vetrimaaran started the debate by saying that the BJP was trying to falsely make a saffroniac of the Chola family, for reasons that are only known to him, Kamal Hassan joined the chorus of this anti-saffron anthem. I’m wondering what was the point of this religious scan. If the century-old Chola ruler Rajaraja had been Basanti(yellow) as well as the Kesar(saffron) and green is subject to scholarly investigation.

For an actor who’s suffered the effects of religious scans at times, this type of leverage for culture is to be nothing more than petty maneuvering of the political.

To check our memories On April 27, 2002, Kamal Haasan was prevented from getting on a plane from Toronto on his way to Los Angeles. Reason? The suspect was an armed terrorist! For the Americans, Kamal Haasan sounded like the sound of a Muslim name. Kamal Haasan, who was in Toronto filming for his comedic role film Tamil Panchathanthiramreplayed the entire agonizing and humiliating event at the Toronto terminal to me.

It began rather comically actually. Customs officers were interested in what Kamal Haasan was doing in the region in the globe. He said the film was the film. Then, they inquired about why he flew across the country to Los Angeles. He said the reason was to undergo prosthetic makeup. They were unsure of what this meant. Remembering the terrifying hours spent at the airport with no security, Kamal Haasan said he asked the airport officials to allow him to make a phone call. The customs officers refused the request point blank as they said cellphones aren’t permitted. They had him stand for a half-hour and then detained him for a second time.

On the last occasion, Kamal informed me that he’d been interrogated as a terrorist. Then, they said that it was okay to leave. In Toronto on an unproductive Sunday time, Kamal Haasan woke up everyone at the American Embassy. The customs personnel were asked about the way they dealt with him, they told them that Kamal Haasan was rude.

In a statement a week after the event, Kamal Haasan said, “I’m a huge admirer of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. If immigration officials wanted me to bow down I’d prefer not to travel. It wasn’t me. It was impolite. September 11, 2001 (the attacks of 9/11, which occurred one year earlier than the attack in 2001) was not polite. Therefore, the customs officers in Toronto were rude to me. I wasn’t sure what had happened to me. I was angry because I was waiting for people in LA. My Tamil fans and my friends from Toronto are extremely angry. However, it wasn’t as humbling as Gandhiji being thrown off the train that was in South Africa. It’s not possible to get away with Islamic names such as these after the things that bin Laden did. Actually the moment I arrived in LA in the middle of this month I was treated with the coldest treatment. The customs officials were astonished and gave me a look at why are you here. Other Indians who were waiting in line came to my aid. However, in Toronto, I was completely by myself. There weren’t any fans waiting in line. It’s their way to save the face of their victims. In spite of that precautions and of the bandobast they’ve been effectively beaten by Laden. There’s no better method to get revenge than to terrorize all brown-skinned people on the globe. If you’re a person with an Islamic-like name, it’s even easier. Also, if you have beards to match the name, it’s just like mine, it’s not similar to it. “

So Kamal Haasan is aware of the damage that a misinterpretation of religion or cultural identity could affect the individual, particularly when they are important to history. Rajaraja is probably happy and contemplating the reason his religion is crucial to an actor a hundred years further. We’re wondering the same.

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