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Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron promise to keep a united front against Russia. Discuss trade row

At an outdoor ceremony, both leaders paid tribute to the long-standing alliance between their countries. They acknowledged that there were difficult times ahead, as Western unity shows some wear nine months into the war in Ukraine.

Despite growing concerns about the US’s support for Ukraine’s war effort, Presidents Joe Biden & Emmanuel Macron pledged to continue a united front against Russia. Biden indicated that he may be open to changing aspects of his climate legislation, which have been criticized by France and other European allies.

Biden presented Macron with a state dinner on Thursday night the first COVID-19 shadowed presidency by the US president for a foreign leader. However, following up on Biden’s positive comments may not go as smoothly. Republicans are less willing than Biden to spend billions of dollars on Ukraine and Democratic lawmakers stated Thursday that they weren’t about to get back in the climate legislation.

In reality, despite all the positive statements made, Macron’s trip to Washington was tempered by Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act criticisms and the challenges faced by both leaders amid mounting costs of maintaining military and economic assistance flowing to Kyiv. There is no end in sight for the Russian invasion.

Despite their differences, Biden & Macron wanted to emphasize that the US-France alliance is still strong and that the West must stand firm against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

Biden stated, “Today, I reaffirm that as I said, it’s going to be together against this brutality.” Putin believes he can crush all who oppose his imperial ambitions by attacking the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine and cutting off energy to Europe to drive up the prices, exacerbating our food crisis. He’s causing great harm to very vulnerable people around the globe, not only in Ukraine but also elsewhere.

At an outdoor ceremony, both leaders paid tribute to the long-standing alliance between their countries. They acknowledged that there were difficult times ahead, as Western unity is shown by some wear nine months into war in Ukraine.

Republicans will take control in Washington. GOP leader Kevin McCarthy said that his party’s lawmakers would not write a “blank cheque” for Ukraine. The rising costs of supporting Ukraine during the war, and Europe’s struggle to recover from the pandemic will test Macron’s ability to unite Europe.

Macron stated that the issue has far-reaching implications beyond Ukraine’s borders.

He stated that “What’s at stake in Ukraine doesn’t just lie far away in a small European country,” It’s all about our values. It’s also about our principles.

He said, “Our two countries are sisters in fighting for freedom.”

Biden said he was open to talking with Putin if the Russian leader showed that he truly wanted to end the invasion. However, the US president, like always, made sure that such talks were supported by NATO allies.

Biden stated that he was willing to talk with Putin if he decides that a way to end war is what he wants. He hasn’t done it yet.”

The leaders also discussed Ukraine, which White House officials stated was on the top agenda. They also discussed Macron’s concerns and those of other leaders about the newly enacted clean-energy law.

Macron made it clear that he and other European leaders oppose incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act which favor American-made climate technology.

Biden acknowledged that there were “glitches” in legislation, but said that “there are tweaks we could make” to please allies.

“The United States does not apologize. Biden said, “And I don’t apologize since I wrote it for this legislation we are talking about.”

Macron stated that, while Biden’s efforts to combat climate change should be commended, subsidies would be a huge setback for European businesses.

Macron said, “We want success together, not one over the other.” Macron said that the US and France would “resynchronize their clean energy efforts in order to prevent a “domino effect” from destroying clean energy projects across Europe.

Biden spoke of possible changes to the law on Capitol Hill. However, Ron Wyden, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, stated that Congress passed the bill to boost the American electric car industry, create high-paying American jobs, and address climate change. It is not something I intend to reopen.”

The European Union also expressed concern about tax credits being included in the law, as they could discriminate against European producers or violate World Trade Organization rules.

After taking part in a formal ceremony on a cold morning, the leaders and their aides met for three hours. The ceremony included a 21-gun salute, a review of troops, as well as small American and French flags being distributed by ushers to guests.

In their public statements, both Macron and Biden sought to keep the spotlight on Ukraine.

Macron should get a boost diplomatically from the state visit, which he can use to his advantage in Europe. He is openly vocal in his defense of French workers and maintains close relationships with Biden. Macron’s moment helps to cement his position as the most prominent and vocal leader of the European Union at a time in which Europe is more concerned about its economy being permanently damaged by the Ukraine war, resulting in energy crises and subsequent inflation crises.

Biden also praised Macron for “not only being the leader of France”, but for being “very outspoken” and “very, very commanding in Europe.”

Yet, Macron’s words have at times offended US and Ukrainian officials. They called for Ukraine and Russia at the negotiating tables. Officials from the White House have stated that the decision on when to engage with the Russians is up to Ukraine’s leadership. They also stressed that the war could be ended immediately if Putin ends his invasion.

In a speech at a summit held in Bangkok, Macron raised eyebrows when he called the US-China “two big elephants” and warned that they could cause “a problem for the rest of the jungle.” This comes as France and the US are both keeping an eye on China following protests in many cities on the mainland over Beijing’s “zero COVID” strategy.

This state visit was a return to a White House tradition that honors close foreign allies, which dates back to Ulysses S. Grant’s presidency.

According to the palace, Macron and Brigitte brought gifts to the US with them. These included a vinyl record and CD of their original soundtrack from 1966’s “Un Homme et Une Femme” which the Bidens saw on their first date.

A mirror made from American furniture, framed with fallen wood and presented by Jill Biden, the first lady of Biden, to the Macrons was one of the gifts.

Macron was hosted by Vice President Kamala Harris at the State Department for lunch before the formal dinner on the White House South Lawn in an enormous tent pavilion. The dinner attracted hundreds of high-profile figures from politics, fashion, and entertainment.

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