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Inevitable Foundation Launches $5K Elevate Collective Grants for Screenwriters with Disabilities

The organization will also award two more awards in partnership in conjunction with Caring Across Generations and Humanitas.

The non-profit Inevitable Foundation, which exists to support screenwriters with disabilities, has announced Elevate Collective, a program that is targeted toward middle- and upper-level screenwriters.

There are also grants of $5,000 that will be distributed quarterly and applications are on Elevate’s website. The grants will assist writers in furthering their careers by helping to get guidance for their careers, script consulting as well as work-from-home set-ups, IP acquisition, and other professional development. Elevate also plans to offer professional networking and community-building opportunities for the many qualified writers every year.

“We are delighted to announce Elevate Collective and provide middle upper-level disabled screenwriters specific help in education, connections, and financial assistance to step up their careers.” Inevitable Foundation co-founders Richie Siegel and Marisa Torelli-Pedevska stated in an announcement jointly. “We created Elevate Collective based on a year and a half of lessons from the Fellowship program. Elevate Collective is the latest expansion of the ecosystem that we’re creating to support disabled writers. This is also our Concierge service to showrunners and creative executives as well as our Disability is Diversity campaign and our screenwriting fellowship.”

The foundation also offers the foundation with two more five-figure Elevate Collective Awards in partnership with two other organizations. the Inevitable Foundation x Caring Across Generations Care Award will also grant the recipient access to script development and consultation services through Caring Across Generations.

“Care is an integral element of all the lives we live, so now is the time to bring that concept to life on screen,” Caring Across Generations associate director of cultural changes Lydia Storie said in a statement. “We connect disabled people and those who have lived experiences with Hollywood to alter the narratives that we tell about aging, disabilities, and illness. The partnership in conjunction with Inevitable Foundation on this Elevate Award is the perfect fit for our missions.”

The winner of the Inevitable Foundation x Humanitas Alumni Award will be able to participate in both virtual and in-person Humanitas workshops as well as other events and 2023 Humanitas Prizes.

“Humanitas is a champion of projects that examine humanity in a sophisticated and meaningful way. This is only possible when the slates of programming are diverse in regards to subjects and inclusion both in front and behind the lens,” Humanitas executive director Michelle Franke said in a statement. “We are adamant about the Inevitable Foundation’s belief that there can be no equality, diversity, and inclusion without disability. We are honored to work with them for their Elevate Collective Award benefitting a participant in Humanitas’ New Voices Fellowship and College Screenwriting Awards programs.”



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