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India Vs England Live Highlights, updates, and the final result of T20 World Cup semi-final

India will face England for the right to be in the upcoming T20 World Cup final, with the second semi-final set on November 10, in Adelaide.

Virat Kohli and his team ended up top of group 2 with four wins from their 5 matches and England managed to get through in Group 1 after having beaten Australia on a run-rate net.

If Thursday’s contest will face Pakistan at the end of the match after the two teams defeated New Zealand by seven wickets on Wednesday night in Sydney.

The game at the Adelaide Oval is scheduled to start at 7 pm AEDT, and 6.30 pm local time.

The Sporting News will be able to watch live coverage throughout the night in what is expected to be a huge blockbuster.

India against England T20 World Cup semi-final live score

Team1st Innings
India6/168 (20)
England0/52 (5)

India Vs England T20 World Cup semi-final live updates

5th over Mohammed Shami is the first to attack India. Hales is straight to the top to score another maximum after which he steps back, passing it over the vacant slip area to form the boundary. England is racing to victory with this one and making themselves ready for a win. 0/52 after 5.

Fourth overAxar Patel to the attack, slowing the pace. Buttler is able to go over the extra cover to score a boundary prior to England making four straight. 0/41 after 4.

Third over Kumar continues. Hales hits off-side for one, then goes over the middle wicket and scores two more runs. Hales is aerial in the final moments of the over and slams it into the cover on top for six runs. 0/33 after 3.

2nd Over: Arshdeep Singh is set to open to the opposite end. Alex Hales gets away with an edge leading to the wicket that is safely on the off side for one. Buttler is able to get through the gap using an edge that is behind the point, and it swerves away toward the boundary for four runs. 0/21 after 2.

1st Over: Bhuvneshwar Kumar opens the bowling for India and begins with the wide. Jos Buttler makes his way on the board with a fantastic shot into the off-side for the boundary. Buttler takes a step towards Kumar and then pierces the off-side gap again for a second boundary. He gets another boundary on the last ball he plays over, and then flicks it through the leg side and into the vacant area. An excellent beginning for England. 0/13 after 1.


England requires 169 runs to prevail. Amazing hitting power by Hardik Pandya (63 off 33) during the final overs, and Virat Kohli (50 off 40) was the mainstay to score another 50 runs. Chris Jordan (3/43) picked three wickets on behalf of England however It is Adil Rashid (1/20) who was the best bowler. It’s sure to be a thrilling run chase at the Adelaide Oval!

20th over: WICKET!!! Jordan can bowl out the last over. Pant will sacrifice himself in an out-and-back to give Pandya the chance to strike. it pays off when Pandya hits the ball with a six in mid-on, with a spectacular shot on the following ball. Jordan throws a full toss and Pandya blasts it to get a boundary off the leg side. Pandya is able to walk onto his stumps on the next ball and gets out from the final shot of the match. 6/168 after 20.

19th of overcurrent remains for England. Rishabh Pant is off the mark by kicking the boundary, giving his body room to cut the ball over the point. Pandya makes a beautiful square drive to get a boundary in front of the point, before grabbing the ball with a small length and putting it over the mid-wicket to get perfect. Poor fielding by Ben Stokes gives Pandya another boundary in the leg side. 4/156 after 19.

18th over: WICKET!!! The ball that follows after 50, Kohli looks for the square drive, but it is hit in the air, aiming it at the player who is at the back-point. 4/136 after 18.

18th ball: Jordan continues and is hit over the leg-side with six runs from Pandya on his short border. Next ball Jordan is able to bowl it fully, however, Pandya throws it over square-leg to score another maximal. Kohli makes it his 50th birthday with a drive into the off-side, resulting in two runs.

17th Over: Curran is back, and swings it off the off-stump. As Pandya is able to pounce on the cut shot and scores six runs. Curran dropped it again short and Pandya pulls it back for two runs. Pandya is thrown down for two runs using a hitting shot. 3/121 after 17.

16th over unsuccessful REVIEW! Jordan returns to play for England and he slashes one in the leg-side to create an easy. Kohli is hit by the pads, and the on-field umpire tells him not to, but England took it up. The ball was hitting the stumps but it was still the decision of the umpire. Kohli makes the most of it, launching an entire delivery coming from Jordan into the opposite side to create the boundary. Pandya throws an ugly hook to the leg side with two runs. 3/110 after 16.

15th over Livingstone continues. Pandya is able to go down the field to score a boundary, which could allow him to up the ante throughout the innings. Kohli performs a stunning cover drive to get the boundary, which will result in triple figures for India. 3/100 after 15.

14th Over: Woakes returns to England. Kohli discovers the gap off the side behind the point to create a crucial boundary. Pandya struggling to make it to this point. 3/90 after 14.

13th Over: Livingstone in the back of the strike. Pandya is leading-edges two balls within two balls, but both hit the ground safely. Fantastic bowl for England with just three runs from the goal. 3/80 after 13.

12th over: WICKET!!! Yadav is a bit greedy in his battle with Rashid trying to take the ball over the off side but failing to score all the way in the process. Phil Salt takes a simple catch in the deep. Hardik Pandya is off the mark by grabbing an off-side single. 3/77 after 12.

11th Over: Stokes comes back to England. Both batsmen score singles before Yadav hits a hook shot that bounces over the fine leg region, resulting in six runs. He then follows it up on the next ball, taking it over the boundary for the boundary. 2/74 after 11.

10. Over Rashid continues for England. Yadav is able to hit a sweep to score one. Kohli fails to make the full toss of Rashid but only gets one. Good over for England. 2/62 after 10.

9th over: WICKET!!! The new face in the team, Chris Jordan, is on the attack. Sharma is over cover for an excellent boundary shot from in the middle of his. After three balls, Sharma flies it over deep mid-wicket and is then dismissed by a great diving catch from Curran. Suryakumar Yadav makes his mark with one. 2/57 after 9.

8th Over: Rashid continues. The duo of Kohli, as well as Sharma, isn’t exploding at the moment However, England is determined to end it before becoming a tiger. Sharma seeks a massive run and then top-edges it but it’s landed safely. Kohli also adds a few singles in a fairly tame manner. 1/51 after 8.

7. Liam Livingstone is bowled by, continuing his spin attack. Kohli runs down the ground and then over the bowler’s shoulder to score the boundary. Kohli goes through the off-side of the next ball, scoring two runs before slipping through mid-wicket for one. 1/46 after 7.

Sixth Over: Adil Rashid joins in the chase, and Sharma is able to knock him down using the sweep shot, which results in an instant boundary. Both batsmen score a single each after the initial four, but Sharma gets away from a possible catch-and-bowled. The powerplay ends and is very even at the end of six runs. 1/37 after 6.

5th over: Curran continues. Sharma begins his innings by putting a great flick shot that crosses the mid-wicket and gives him an out. The next ball Sharma is walking along the track, then takes it to the leg side to score another 4 runs. Sharma slashes it towards the point, from where Harry Brook saves a boundary but misses an extremely difficult chance. 1/31 after 5.

4th over Kohli does not have any issues in bringing the ball down Woakes and playing a ferocious covered drive with a loft to score six runs. Woakes throws one to the leg side for an expansive ball. The brilliant batsman from Kohli as he slips an unlucky single off the leg side. 1/21 after 4.

3rd overcame Curran is in the middle for England and he frightens Kohli in the beginning Kohli’s Indian superstar batting and failed to hit before scoring one that fell one short of the first slip. Only one run off the third over and the left-arm seamer secured it close to both of the experienced batsmen. 1/11 after 3.

2nd over: WICKET!!! Chris Woakes opens up from the opposite side. Sharma is able to bury it on the leg side for two runs, then add a single in the same way. Rahul is trying to cut off the ball that was away from the body of his opponent. He then edges the ball straight toward Jos Buttler in the stumps, who makes an easy catch. Virat Kohli makes it out of the way with one. 1/10 after 2.

1. Over Ben Stokes is given the ball to England and is smashed to score a boundary off the ball’s first delivery from KL Rahul, who latches on a wide and short delivery before cutting it off into the rope. Rohit Sharma is able to get off the line with a drive through the off-side for one. 0/6 after 1.

6.55 pm:Both teams will be singing the national anthem as we approach the start of the massive semi-final. A lot of Indian fans will be there and lots of noise throughout the stadium.

6.30 pm: England has won the toss and will play in the opening session at the Adelaide Oval. Chris Jordan and Phil Salt are the new players on the squad.

6pmWelcome to our live webcast of this evening’s T20 World Cup semi-final between India and England! The game is scheduled to start in just one hour and the toss is scheduled to take place at 6.30 pm AEDT.

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