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Idaho murders: Live: The House Crime Scene Lab Results could provide new clues amid the ‘targeted killings’ confusion

Live updates from the University of Idaho student murders

The brutal murders of four University students by Idaho police officers have caused confusion. They accuse the local prosecutor of “miscommunication”

Investigators claim the attack was “targeted” since Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Knutdole, and Ethan Chapin were stabbed in their deaths on 13 November.

In interviews on Wednesday, Bill Thompson, Latah County Prosecutor, stated that it wasn’t the best word to use before stating that the “attack was meant for a particular person”.

Hours later, Moscow police clarified that officials did not know “if the residence or any of its occupants were targeted” and that Mr Thompson was misinformed.

As the first crime scene lab results were returned, the walk back began. On Wednesday night, the families of the victims gave emotional speeches at an emotional vigil on the university campus.

Steve Goncalves, Goncalves’ father, vowed to “get justice” for his daughter and disclosed that his daughter Mogen died in the same bed.

Idaho murder victim’s father claims that police have not told him anything for days

Steve Goncalves, a Fox News reporter, stated Saturday that investigators have been silent since then. He expressed frustration at the lack of information about his 21-year-old daughter’s fate.

He said that law enforcement had told him that they would drop off and that he didn’t expect the same communication as he had previously received.

“They’re just telling me they can’t give me much, which frustrates me because I’ve always been very trustworthy,” he said. He also stated that he has some additional information that is not public.

He said, “I know things, but I haven’t shared them with you.”

He said that he believed the officers involved in the case were “hardworking individuals”, but he acknowledged that the silence had left his family “definitely worried”.

After quadruple murders, terror grips Idaho college town

Parents are placing orders for deadbolts and teens are asking for guns. Moscow is empty of people.

Two weeks after four college students were killed in their beds, there is now a killer or two.

Sheila Flynn, The Independent’s local correspondent, says fear is growing as more time passes without any arrests or information from the police.

Teens are asking for guns, parents are ordering deadbolts and Moscow is empty. Two weeks after four college students were killed in their beds, there is now a killer or killers. Sheila Flynn is told by locals that fear is growing as the clock ticks without arrests or any information from police.

Reddit: Police rule out Idaho murder conspiracy theory involving red Mustang’

Moscow police said that there were online reports of a red Mustang being taken into custody on S Deakin St., but that this case was not connected to the ongoing murder investigation.

The police failed to find the murder weapon or identify the suspect, so speculations arose on social media.

One Twitter user shared a photo with a Reddit screenshot. It read: “Yesterday (25 November) I took a screenshot of the Idaho murder group showing what appears to be a red Mustang convertible being searched and analyzed by a forensics team.”

Moscow police dispelled all conspiracy theories and speculations by denying that the red Mustang was involved in the ongoing investigation.

Moscow officials admit that ‘Targeted” may not be the best word to describe Idaho college murders.

Moscow authorities insist that the attack was ‘targeted.’ However, they refuse to disclose what led to this conclusion.

The local prosecutor now claims that the murders were targeted, but admits it is not the best way to describe them.

“It seems that the word targeted has differed understandings for different people who listen and maybe isn’t a good word to use,” Latah County Attorney Prosecutor Bill Thompson said to NewsNation on Tuesday.

The University of Idaho holds a vigil to remember victims

Officials from schools acknowledged the fear and pain in the community. The killer is still at large.

Dean Eckles stated that while we don’t know how much time this investigation will take or the ‘why’ behind this horrible act, we know we will all be coming together.

He said, “Whatever you feel is real.” “The sadness. The confusion. The worry and anxiety. It’s okay to feel those feelings. They are mine too.”

The event ended with a reading by the victims and a moment of silence. Students held their phones and lit up in the air.

Every person involved in the investigation into the murder has been eliminated as a possible suspect.

Moscow Police stated that the two survivors of the murders and the other friends who were there when the 911 call was made were not suspects.

The man caught with Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, and the private party that gave them a ride from the truck to home has been ruled out.

Goncalves is not also considered a suspect because of her relationship with Murphy, her long-term boyfriend.

Police seize five vehicles

Five vehicles are being inspected by police in connection to the murders of four students at Moscow University, Idaho.

Moscow Police Department stated Tuesday afternoon that five vehicles were being moved away from the crime scene and to a secure location in order to properly examine them for evidence.

“Today, as part of the ongoing homicide investigation, and original search warrant. There will be an increased in detective activity, and tow trucks at-site as investigators transfer five vehicles from within a police perimeter to a safer long-term storage area to continue processing evidence.” The department stated.

Xana loved Shoeshine her dog and enjoyed EDM music, concerts, and spending time with her friends.

A Wednesday obituary about Xana Kernodle was published in CDAPress, describing how she “passed too soon”

It reads, “Xana Kernodle, Post Falls, Idaho, sadly died far too soon Nov. 13, 20,22 at the age 20.”

“Xana was born at Kootenai Health Hospital in Coeur d’Alene (Idaho) on July 5, 2002.

“Xana grew up in Post Falls and was a skilled gymnast as a kid. She attended Post Falls Middle and High School where she played volleyball and track until she graduated in 2020.

She worked as a high school cook at Texas Roadhouse. After graduating from high school, she attended the University of Idaho to study marketing. She was also part-time at Mad Greek Restaurant in Moscow (Idaho) when she wasn’t involved in these activities.

Investigators receive lab results

Aaron Snell, Idaho State Police Communications Director, told Fox News Digital Wednesday that the Idaho State Police Communications Director was beginning to receive results from forensic testing.

“I know that every type of testing takes different amounts of time. He said that he also knows that some results have been returned, and these go directly to investigators so they can help again paint that picture we keep talking about.”

As it is hoped that forensics will finally give the police some clues, Mr. Snell refused to disclose whether DNA from the victims or their two roommates was found at the crime scene.

Madison Mogen’s father has happy memories of Madison Mogen and his daughter

Madison Mogen’s father, Ben Mogen shared his touching story about going to a Mac Miller concert with Madison Mogen.

They loved to see live music together and Maddie was disappointed that Ben couldn’t get tickets for Ben to visit.

On the last night of the show, he won an audio contest, and Maddie and her friends were able to go with him on VIP passes that included a meet and greet with the artist.

“That was the happiest memory that I can think of that we shared together,” Mr. Mogen stated, describing his daughter’s hardworking spirit and kindness.

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