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“Hell on Earth under the Taliban’: Women in public punished for going out without a male companions Watch

According to Taliban decrees, women living in Afghanistan cannot leave their homes without wearing a burqa, or without being accompanied by an adult male. They can be subjected to public flogging when they violate any of these norms.

It’s been a while since generations have passed, yet there is nothing new regarding women from Afghanistan who remain victims of atrocities under the Taliban. Taliban. Another example of the brutality against women was revealed in the country’s plight after a video of brutally flogging women was shared on social media.

The incident was reported from the Takhar province, where the victim was brutally beaten in black and blue for walking out alone without a male companion to protest against the Islamic dictates that the government.

Sharing the video of the horrific incident, the former policy special advisor to the Minister in charge of Afghan Resettlement as well as Minister of Refugee UK Shabnam Nasimi told, “The women of Afghanistan suffer the most terribly under the Taliban regime. It is not acceptable to turn a blind eye.”

Taliban’s brutality unabated

After taking over Afghanistan at the beginning of 1996, the Taliban were able to impose Sharia legislation on the territory they controlled within the country.

According to Taliban guidelines, women in Afghanistan are not allowed to leave their homes without wearing a burqa or without being accompanied by men. They can be subject to public flogging offenders if they violate any of these rules.

Taliban was forced to flee from The US as well as its NATO allies following the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in 2001, which brought down both towers in the famous World Trade Centre, fought in a guerilla war for around two decades until it was able to retake Kabul in the month of August.

It was the time that the Taliban came back to Afghanistan and many hoped they were more humane than before, but the hopes were shattered when they fell.

Flogging is a common

In November 12 people (including three women) were kicked before hundreds of people at a soccer stadium in Afghanistan.

What was the crime? The media reported Taliban officials as saying they committed “moral crimes” such as sexual adultery, robbery, and homosexual sexual sex.

A few days prior to this footage being released, an Islamist group openly slammed the burqa-clad female.

Medieval times are back in Afghanistan

The Supreme leader Hibatullah Akhundzada ordered judges to completely enforce the provisions of Islamic law, which include public execution, stoning, and Flogging, as well as the amputation of limbs by thieves.

Between 1996 and the end of 2001 between 1996 and late 2001, the Taliban frequently executed punishments in public, including flogging and hanging in the stadium of their national.

Taliban officials claim that the maximum number of lashes an individual can be dealt is 39.

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