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Google AdSense First-Party Cookies Now Support Personalization

Websites will be able to display personalized AdSense ads by updating Google’s first-party cookies.

Google is updating first-party cookie support with ad personalized capabilities. This will impact ads served via AdSense.

Google AdSense began allowing first-party Cookies in 2020. These cookies use information about the user’s domain to display ads.

Initial support was provided by frequency capping, which restricts how many times users see the same ad on the same website.

Google now supports ad personalization. This is arguably the most compelling reason to choose first-party cookies over cookies from third parties.

Google AdSense will add a toggle that allows you to disable first-party cookies.

Google AdSense: Why Allow First-Party Cookies?

First-party cookies collect information about the user’s activities on the current site.

First-party cookies enable frequency capping of ads because they contain information about the ads that a user sees.

AdSense users can increase their revenue by frequency capping.

Google can’t serve ads that a user hasn’t seen before by limiting their ad frequency.

Google also blocks users from clicking on ads that they have already clicked on by using frequency capping.

Google will use the information from first-party cookies to personalize AdSense advertisements in addition to frequency capping.

AdSense users will be able to generate more revenue by making this change. Website visitors will see a wider range of ads.

You can disable first-party cookies at any time if you are unhappy with their impact on AdSense earnings.

Google might default to first-party cookies if third-party cookies become unavailable.


You can now turn on or off first-party cookies, but Google claims that your choice will not affect ad serving up to November 10, 2022.

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