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Yusuf Shah, the 11-year-old UK boy, has an IQ greater than Albert Einstein

Yusuf Shah, a sixth-grader was able to score 162 points on the MENSA IQ test, which is two points higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. The 11-year-old boy is said to be gifted in math and hopes to pursue a degree at Cambridge and Oxford University in the future.

People with genius personalities such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking are often associated with intelligence.

The latest member to join the club is an eleven-year-old boy hailing from the United Kingdom named Yusuf Shah who is believed to have overtaken Einstein as well as Hawking in the area of Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Shah scored 162 on the IQ test, which is two points more than Einstein or Hawking.

Local media reports indicate Shah took the test on an impulse. Shah has taken the MENSA IQ test in the spur of the moment after being described as “smart” by his peers.

Everyone at school thinks that I have a lot of intelligence and I’ve always wondered whether I’m one of the students who take the test.” Yusuf told Yorkshire Evening Post.

Let’s take a look at the prodigy’s tale.

About Yusuf Shah

Yusuf Shah had shown signs of brilliance since a young age.

An habitant of Moortown, Leeds in England’s West Yorkshire, Shah has been a mathematical genius from a young age. In the third grade and his parents realized that he was gifted at solving quadratic numbers.

The father of his son, Irfan Shah, said, “He just has this natural aptitude for math and that’s probably when we realized that. The teachers in his school each time we receive the school report, it’s incredible and they’ll claim, ‘There’s nothing to be taught by us.'”

Yusuf is currently an eighth-grade student at the Wigton Moor Primary School.

When he was a young child his parents observed that Yusuf was getting the alphabet faster than the rest of his classmates. His father explained, “Even in the nursery, we noticed that he was learning the alphabet and other things faster than the other kids and you were thinking that children might be able to grasp the ABCs faster.”

The 11-year-old is famous for his quickness in solving problems like Rubik’s Cube without needing any assistance from outside.

The parents of his son claim the fact that Yusuf has been several times asked to study math with higher-level classes in comparison to his. Yet, “for his (Yusuf’s) social development” they would like to be able to study with the same age group as his peers.

According to a report from New York Post In the year 2019, when he was just seven years old, Yusuf found a mathematical phenomenon dubbed “Yusuf’s Square Rule”. The father of Yusuf, Irfan then reached out to a math professor at Cambridge University of Cambridge who attested to the existence of the phenomenon.

His love for math is so intense that Yusuf has made the decision to make it his profession. In the near future, Yusuf plans to pursue mathematics through Cambridge as well as Oxford University.

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