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Explained how House of the Dragons is making the same mistakes the way Game of Thrones

There’s a fundamental distinction between HOTD and GOT that is a problem to convince us to believe in Westeros’s “woman” issue.

It’s like yesterday when the sound of”R+L= J was heard in our coworking spaces. In 2022, the ‘You Know Nothing memes are being replaced with “Say It” memes, similar to Game of Thrones (GOT) we are excitedly taking part in the frenzied celebrations of the House of The Dragon (HOTD) and slipping back to Work from Work, feeling elated and nostalgic for earlier times, when we were worried about fictional historical murderers, wedding massacres and medieval deaths. There’s a major distinction between HOTD and GOT. in comparison to HOTD however, one that does not inspire confidence in the Westeros ‘woman’ issue.

It is important to remember that HOTD AND GOT are considered to be old-fashioned films, but they’re actually fictional fantasy universes designed to appeal to modern-day viewers. In the simplest terms, the viewers of the new show have been experiencing a major shift in axis – this is the first time we’re wearing gold Lannister shoes, not the Starks to be exact. Toto, We’re not in the North no more. We support the character who has Cersei’s fatal flaw and despise the other, who is full of Ned Stark’s impeccable virtues. We’re supposed to with Rhaenyra Targaryen’s incestuous behavior that is a detriment even to the GOT favorite ‘Jonaerys’ but we scoff at Alicent Hightower’s moral prudence. Alicent is a hateful person, Rhaenyra is a woman fighting for joy and love, against heteronormative traps that are a part of marriage, be it political or other.

Modern viewers can appreciate Princess Rhaenyra’s progressive or liberal values as she becomes an ally of the gay inheritor of the Driftmark throne, Laenor Velaryon, and settles to the seat of the greatest authority as the successor to the Iron throne. Alicent who was manipulated by her father doesn’t appreciate the freedoms of Rhaenyra and is obliged to fulfill her obligations as a wife to the sickly king, and she remains a slave to this world of men and is a puppet by her dad. There is a struggle between self-expression and obedience. Alicent’s foil will make a space for Rhaenyra and divert the attention off of the inner.

Incest remains a source of scandal even to this day despite the changing attitudes of society toward queer sexuality and the promotion of love as love. While we may not agree with the notion of Victorian wisdom and the strictures of civilized societies Incest naturally leads to sexual abuse as a sexy subject. Shows such as Arrested Development as well as films like The Royal Tenenbaums, and Cruel Intentions have made a significant contribution in presenting a different concept through the use of the concept of incest to provide a means to investigate “anxieties about intimacy and otherness…the state of the modern family.” In GOT, Dany and Jon’s affair exposed how the same action can lead to severe judgment and awe-inspiring compassion. Cersei’s relationship with Jamie exaggerates the isolation of the aristocracy and how it fails to look beyond itself as the ultimate defeat. Within Wagner’s Ring, arguably the most famous of the dragon-related shows close relationships with relatives fight against the restrictions of bourgeois society on sex. But, House Targaryen and its “queer” customs have been mentioned so frequently throughout the GOT as well as HOTD that it is possible to be expecting a more nuanced portrayal of the subject. However, HOTD does not take benefit from this.

The show will also make us forget the fact that Daemon is a violent killer with impunity, a sarcastic bully who is close to the throne of power therefore Rhaenyra’s desire to be with Daemon is like ignorance wilful. It’s difficult to think about the difference in age between them, and their flirtation in the brothel, and not consider grooming. In reality, King Viserys is irritated by the idea of his brother and daughter together and dispatches Daemon away without saying even a single word of acceptance for their union upon their return back to King’s Landing. In spite of his situation and if he had the chance to be present at his daughter’s court, he may have offered some words of displeasure to ensure the sake of continuity. The subsequent hasty aging up for the main characters’ inadequate expression of faith in Westeros, and the moral code, in turn ordering the assassination of Laenor, ignores ethical issues and is all in Rhaenyra’s favor. When contraceptive teas are in use and sex is distinct from reproduction HOTD doesn’t make this distinction affect the way that it is done however it does not affect Alicent’s stance on chastity or how characters view incest.

It’s clear that Rhaenyra is granted the main character’s privilege. in HOTD Incest isn’t used to explore the intricate link between sexuality and power – the darker corners of sexual fantasies in which boundaries are blurred and power dynamics remain unregulated. In HOTD the symbolism of incest is used as a symbol for Targaryen (and royal) the idea of exceptionalism that is the same as eugenics, which is the taboo of incest in the face of the possibility of children being born deformed. As opposed to challenging an ancient moral code, as in Wagner’s opera, incest in HOD is the exact code.

In the wake of Ned’s passing and no Jon Snow nor Daenerys Targaryen being heirs to the throne GOT tried to change our beliefs about what we think of as the Chosen One – how honourability and a just cause for a short time, without political canny or political savvy, and that it doesn’t matter who is the main protagonist There isn’t a single miraculous happening. Despite all the talk about the right to birth, Rhaenyra isn’t as cautious as Cersei in securing her secret to protect her virtue, and also her son’s birth, despite being aware that the odds are stacked against her because of her gender. She hasn’t taken advantage of the chance given to her through her father to consolidate her claim, find allies, or learn about statecraft. She believes it will be handed to Alicent’s son making herself a burden and causing huge damage to Ser Criston’s self-esteem abusing and snatching her. She gives him who she wants to be her uncle with no consequence and willfully refuses to give Laenor who is prepared to appear for her an opportunity. The way she treats handouts and her inability to grasp that it was her father’s blindness that protected her proves her foolish and uninformed. Although the protagonist appears to be unattractive and unladylike and the antagonist isn’t an expression of ambition, but of a morally flawed These traits are merely superficial in Rhaenyra as well as Alicent and don’t adequately create a believable their actions.

The show GOT The show, it was hard to see Sansa as well as Arya immediately disapprove of Danaerys after Danaerys gave up her dragon to bring back their brother, just as it was difficult to see the bond between Rhaenyra and Alicent break up in HOTD. It is believed that the fracture in their friendship would not be there if Rhaenyra simply is honest with Alicent at the beginning. However, Westeros is full of females who do not trust others and are competitive with their counterparts. The reality of HOTD women get more screen time and the series is serious about the dangers of childbirth There aren’t any pictures of phoenix scenes arising from sexual assaults and fewer scenes of gratuitous sexuality in comparison to the predecessor. There is the impression of women in HOTD women are portrayed with a misguided sense of empathy and miss the essence of the outrage over Season 8 of GOT.

Eisha Nair is an author, and illustrator who is based in Mumbai. She has written about the history of art, cultural education, and film for numerous publications. If she isn’t engaged in cultural criticism, she is working on comics.

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