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E-cigarettes How harmful is vaping as well as how vaping affects human beings

Contrary to popular opinion that vaping isn’t exposed to toxic chemicals as there’s no tar or gases like carbon monoxide that are produced There are a myriad of hazardous and harmful chemicals present in vaping

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are advertised as a means to stop smoking and their usage has increased significantly in the past decade, particularly for young people.

Electronic cigarettes operate on batteries that heat a liquid, creating air (vapors) that is later breathed in. Contrary to traditional cigarettes, which produce smoke and burn tobacco electronic cigarettes have an electronic cartridge that contains the substance (“vape juice”). The liquid usually contains nicotine but may include marijuana as well as other dangerous substances. They come in over 7000 flavors that are especially appealing to teens who’ve never smoked before.

There is ample evidence from more than five decades to prove that there are a variety of chemicals that are inhaled while smoking tobacco that can cause harm to lung health, however, this isn’t necessarily the situation for vaping. The long-term and short-term impacts are being studied and many aspects remain unclear.

Contrary to the popular notion that smoking e-cigarettes don’t expose users to toxic chemicals since there’s no tar or gas like carbon monoxide created, there are many other toxic and harmful substances in e-cigarettes. Particularly, when users use empty cartridges filled with any of the chemicals available, it can increase the danger when they are heated.

Vaping and lung disease

Recently, in the year 2019 Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported more than 2000 cases of serious lung disease caused by the use of electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarette vaping, also known as vaping, the result of which is a lung injury resulting from product use (EVALI). It’s a serious and life-threatening lung disease with the majority of patients recovering completely, however, there were 68 deaths reported out of 2800 cases to date. Patients experience the gradual appearance of cough breathing problems, chest pain, or breathlessness needing hospital admission, and about one-third may develop and have to be admitted to ICU or ventilator care. The strongest risk factor has been Vitamin E acetate which is typically found in cartridges purchased from illicit or illegal sources.

Lung function is affected by other effects

In 2003, when the introduction of e-cigarettes took place, one of the first studies found that vaping was 95% more healthy than smoking. Though it is not a huge amount of research, more recent studies have questioned this claim. It’s been demonstrated that the use of electronic cigarettes is linked with respiratory issues (cough or cough) regardless of smoking habits, though the risk could be lower than with smoking cigarettes.

A study of observation that was published in the year 2000 compared the function of the lungs between smokers of cigarettes, vapers, and those who didn’t use one of these. It was found that vaping causes the same negative effects on lung function as smoking cigarettes. Furthermore, increasing the use of vaping among young people can increase the use of cigarette smoking, resulting in a nicotine-dependent generation.

Flavoring agents are believed to cause harm to lung cells and their structure, particularly sweet and cinnamon flavors

There are also flavors like sweet and cherry-flavored e-cigarettes that contain chemicals that have a significant effect on lung functioning. Therefore, although the impact of smoking vapes on lung functioning is developing, it can be determined that toxic chemicals are present in e-cigarettes that cause unhealthy lung and decreased of lung functioning (more than usual) and respiratory problems that can be observed in frequent usage.

Studies on the long-term risks of lung cancer from smoking vape are not available and this is a subject that is still to be investigated.

If electronic cigarettes are permitted when smoking cigarettes isn’t permitted allowed, they may be able to reverse the “de-normalization” of smoking behavior that has been triggered by the proliferation of smoking-free laws. It may renormalize smoking tobacco in locations where smoking cigarettes isn’t permitted. Vaping can help with the cessation of smoking, it is obvious that it comes with its own dangers and negative consequences for the heart and lungs and a lot of the long-term effects are undetermined.

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