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Devastating News: All Three Missing People Found Dead in Building Collapse in Iowa

In a heartbreaking turn of events, the bodies of the three missing individuals have been found in the wreckage of a collapsed building in Iowa. Learn about the halted demolition, safety concerns surrounding the building, and the upcoming plans for its removal.

Devastating News: All Three Missing People Found Dead in Building Collapse in Iowa

Efforts to quickly demolish the damaged building last week were stopped due to protests since three occupants were missing. Their bodies were discovered in the debris.

The police in Davenport, Iowa, confirmed on Monday that the bodies of all three men who had been missing since a section of a downtown apartment building collapsed last week have been found.

City officials announced on Sunday that the body of one of the missing individuals, Branden Colvin Sr., a resident who had returned home shortly before the building fell on May 28, had been found lifeless. Today, authorities revealed that the bodies of the other two individuals, Ryan Hitchcock and Daniel Prien, were also found among the rubble.

Fortunately, no other casualties have been reported, and the authorities have stated that they are not aware of any other individuals still missing.

Jeffery Bladel, the Davenport police chief, confirmed that both city and state agencies are conducting a thorough investigation into the collapse.

What Happened: Demolition plans were paused due to protests.

On May 28, a section of the century-old six-story building near the Mississippi River suddenly collapsed, prompting a frantic rescue operation. After successfully rescuing several residents, officials initially believed that no one else was trapped in the wreckage.

The city promptly started plans to demolish the severely damaged building, as a significant portion of the exterior wall had collapsed, exposing the apartment interiors. The Fire Department handed over control of the site the day after the incident, with demolition expected to begin soon.

However, protesters gathered at the site, demanding a delay and expressing concerns that some people might still be trapped. In a surprising turn of events, one woman was found alive and rescued from the building, leading authorities to announce that others were still unaccounted for.

Background: Concerns had been raised about the building’s safety.

According to city records, the building located at 324 Main Street had received several complaints over the years. Prior to the collapse, concerns about the structure’s safety had been raised, and repair work was underway.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, residents have questioned why the building owner did not prioritize urgent repairs and whether city officials should have conducted more thorough inspections.

What’s Next: Preparations are underway to demolish the property.

Search and rescue teams continue to search through the rubble, while investigators meticulously examine the site. Plans are being made to start a coordinated effort to demolish the remaining structure.

City officials have consistently emphasized that the building remains unstable and poses a significant danger, requiring professional demolition.

In conclusion, the discovery of the deceased missing individuals in the Iowa building collapse has left the community in mourning. The halted demolition, safety concerns about the building, and the forthcoming demolition plans mark significant developments in the aftermath of this tragic incident.

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