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At Halloween, certain states have extra security measures to keep sex offenders from children

When people are stocking up on Halloween candy Certain states and cities have imposed additional steps to ensure that sexual offenders aren’t able to respond when goblins and ghouls come knocking on their doors.

In many states, including Georgia and California, certain supervised sex offenders aren’t allowed to interact with children who are under the age of 18 years old. To keep this in mind law enforcement agencies are taking measures for Halloween to make sure that sex offenders aren’t in the vicinity of the trick-or-treaters.

“I do not let my children go out on their own on Halloween because of a variety of motives,” said Ebony Wilkins from Indianapolis. “I am a bit more relaxed knowing that sex offenders will be on the lookout for during the day. If you’ve taken children of their innocence I’m not concerned regarding your personal feelings.”

Here’s what states and authorities are doing.

Conducting evening home check-ups

California assigns parole officers to conduct home visits on sexual offenders who aren’t allowed to be in contact with children. In the course of these checks, offenders are allowed to only enter their homes to law enforcement officers who patrol their neighborhood to ensure that they are not participating in Halloween celebrations, said Tessa Outhyse, a spokesperson for the department. Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

In Georgia supervision of sex offenders, they must adhere to the Department of Community Supervision’s rules which permit authorities to visit their homes at Halloween. The officers will ensure that the offenders don’t decorate their homes with lights on, or open the door for children who are trick or treating, stated Brian Tukes, the agency’s director of external affairs.

Other states, like Tennessee as well as Missouri, are also required to have unannounced Halloween home check-ups on sexual offenders.

Some critics have described some of the methods as invasive and a deterrent strategy, saying data show that the majority of sexual crimes committed against children are perpetrated by friends or family members and not by strangers. Over 90% of children who suffer from sexual assault have a relationship with their perpetrators as per statistics provided by the California Department of Justice.

There is no proof that kids are targeted by criminals more during Halloween as opposed to other days of the year.

However, law enforcement agencies are on the side of caution.

Insisting on an hourly limit

California has a law that requires sex offenders who are supervised to be kept indoors during Halloween, between 5 p.m. between 5 and five a.m., Outhouse said.

Then, they’re allowed to enter the house for children who are trick-or-treating, display decorations that might entice youngsters, or even have their lights turned on the lights, she added.

In Missouri, the state of Missouri, registered sexual offenders are required to remain in their homes at night on the night of Halloween -except when they need to leave work or for a medical emergency.

All sex offenders are gathered all in one location

In the Georgian county of Newton County, the sheriff’s office has hosted the annual Halloween shut-ins. Police have gathered sex offenders in a secure setting, such as the sheriff’s office at night, when children are outgoing trick-or-treating.

In the closed-ins, sex offenders listen to a judge or parole officer, as well as other guest speakers.

Caitlin Jett, the spokesperson for the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, declined to comment on whether a new shut-in was scheduled for this year.

The gathering of sex offenders in one place

In the Georgian county of Newton County, the sheriff’s office has been hosting the annual Halloween shut-ins. Police have gathered sex offenders in a secure area, similar to the sheriff’s office in the evening, while kids are outgoing trick-or-treating.

In the shut-ins, sexual offenders are able to hear from judges or parole officers, as well as other guests.

Caitlin Jett, who is a spokesperson for the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, did not confirm if another shut-in will be scheduled for this year.

The law requires offenders to shut off their lights

A house that’s dark on Halloween night isn’t necessarily a sign that residents are absent or are empty of sweets. It could indicate that the person in the house is known to be a sex offender.

In states like Georgia, Missouri, Texas, and California in states like Texas, Georgia, Missouri, and California, sexual offenders under supervision are required to remain in darkness and keep their doors closed during a certain period of time on the evening of Halloween.

An online sex offenders Locator

Some states and local governments have a sex offender locator that parents can consult prior to their children going out trick-or-treating.

For Georgia, Newton County authorities provide tips on Halloween safety, which include an app for locating the nearest sex offenders. Jett the spokesperson.

California also has an online sex offender search tool in the “Operation Boo” guide for parents at Halloween. It also includes videos on how to teach children about security.

“While incidents of sexual abuse or abductions aren’t frequent on Halloween at night in California … there are some instances of sexual abuse or abductions that have occurred. nonetheless want to share some classic safety tips for those who intend to out with your loved ones,” The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation states. “Awareness can help in helping keep kids and teens safe.”

The authorities in Indianapolis which is in which Wilkins reside with her three children have demanded that paroled sex offenders adhere to an evening curfew for Halloween and stay home with their lights turned off and no candy to be distributed.

Sheriff’s departments across the state also publish an interactive map that shows where sex offenders reside.

Before she moves into her new home, Wilkins has a map of all the known sex offenders in the area and will ensure that her children do not go to these homes.

“They are aware that they shouldn’t visit these houses,” she told CNN. ” I’ve warned them that when you meet this person you shouldn’t have any conversation concerning him.”

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