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Alex Jones ordered to pay $965 million to settle Sandy Hook lies

Infowars founder Alex Jones appears in court to testify at the Sandy Hook defamation damages trial in Connecticut Superior Court located in Waterbury, Conn., on Wednesday, September. 22nd, 2022.

The conspiracist Alex Jones should pay $965 million to victims due to his false claim of it was the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was an untruth, a jury in Connecticut found Wednesday.

This is the third significant verdict on the host of Infowars, who is infamous for his constant propagation of the myth that the massacre in 2012 did not happen and that the families grieving that are featured in the news were actors who were part of a plan to remove guns from people.

It was part of a lawsuit brought by the families of three children and five educators who were killed in the shooting, and the FBI agent was one of the first people to respond to the scene. The verdict of a Texas jury on August 1 handed more than $50 million to the parents of a second child killed in the shooting.

Some plaintiffs were hugging during the hearing after that verdict had been read. Jones was not present but live footage of the court was shown in a split-screen the Infowars show.

“Hey, folks, don’t go buying big homes,” the man said.

The trial featured tearful testimonies from the parents and siblings of the victims. They described how they were harassed and harassed over the years by people who believed in the stories told on Jones The show.

Strangers came to their homes to film them. Some posted abusive remarks via social networks. Erica Lafferty, the daughter of the murdered Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung testified that people sent the threat of rape to her residence. Mark Barden told of how conspiracy theorists urinated on the body of his son, 7 years old, Daniel, and threatened to remove the coffin.

In the course of the trial, Jones admitted he was in error regarding Sandy Hook. The shooting happened Jones claimed. But in the courtroom as well as on his talk show He was determined.

The judge called the proceedings to be a “kangaroo court,” mocked the judge, called the lawyer for plaintiffs an ambulance chaser, and called the trial an affront to the right to free speech. He claimed that it was a plot by Democrats and the media to silence him and put the judge out of business.

“I’ve already said ‘I’m sorry hundreds of times and I’m done saying I’m sorry,” he stated during his testimony.

Six adults and 20 children were killed in the shooting in December. 14 in 2012. The trial of defamation took place at the courthouse in Waterbury located around twenty miles (32 kilometers) from Newtown which is where the shooting was carried out.

The lawsuit was filed by Jones and Infowars the owner, of Free Speech Systems, for using the mass slaughter to grow his fan base and earn thousands of dollars. Experts have confirmed that Jones’ audience grew when Jones created Sandy Hook as a topic on the show, and so did his income from sales of products.

Both in the Texas lawsuit as well as those in Connecticut both cases, judges found Infowars to be liable for damages due to default, after Jones was not able to comply in accordance with court regulations regarding sharing evidence, and failed to release records which could have shown the extent to which Infowars profited from spreading false information concerning mass murders.

Since he had already been found to be liable, Jones was barred from discussing free speech rights and other subjects in his testimonies.

Jones will now stand an additional trial in Texas towards the end of the year. This is a lawsuit brought by the parents of a child who was killed by a gunshot.

It’s not clear how much from the judgments Jones could afford to pay. In his trial in Texas, the defendant testified that it was impossible to pay any judgment of more than $2 million. Free Speech Systems has filed for bankruptcy protection. An economist was able to testify in the Texas proceedings in the Texas court that Jones and his company were worth as high as $270 million.

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