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2022 NFL season week 6: What we learned from Commanders winning against Bears on Thursday

  1. The Commanders’ run game isn’t enough. Following last week’s debut with nine players, Brian Robinson Jr. definitely gained the coaches of the Commander’s confidence to work harder Thursday evening. Robinson began, took the ball during the first two plays in the game, and was the final minutes to finish the 12-7 win for Washington. On the night Robinson carried his ball seventeen times for a total of 60 yards, scoring the decisive score midway through the final quarter. Robinson was not ripping off any large runs however, his 16-yard romp at the beginning of the two-minute timeout was a huge setback that hurt the Bears. Most importantly Robinson showed more speed than you would think of from a player who was injured repeatedly in the leg during the month of August. There were a couple of good plays of Terry McLaurin and J.D. McKissic and a surprising appearance by Antonio Gibson — who ran four times for 32 yards (all in the third quarter) -and Washington was able to get an easy road win. The game wasn’t spectacular however it was efficient.
  2. The bears’ struggle with red zone issues continues. The Bears had a 2-0 record on red-zone opportunities during week 5 against the Vikings however, they were 0-3 in their five-point loss to the Giants. On Thursday it was the same story. The bears played to the Giants game’s lack of efficiency, with the game coming to an end on Darnell Mooney’s fourth-down catch that was disallowed on the Washington 1-yard line. It was a fitting conclusion for a team trying for points in amazing ways. The Bears have had two promising opening drives that were stopped by red-zone mistakes one of which was a pick, and the other downs. Justin Fields’ helmet deflection interception on Chicago’s second drive had some bad luck to it, but did he think he could fit it through a tiny hole? The next Bears game in which they drove to 1 and Fields throw to wide-open Ryan Griffin on second-and-1 was more of a mistake as Khalil Herbert was stuffed near his goal on the fourth play. This is the second occasion in the season that the Bears faced fourth-and-1 at the 1-yard line, but did not manage to score.
  3. Fields’ roller-coaster night deepens debate. Fields’ initial errors were obvious. However, so were the Bear’s offense’s shortcomings. Fields were hit 12 times from the pocket, with five of them resulting in sacks. That doesn’t take into account the numerous times he was struck on 12 attempts to rush. Many times Fields was shivering after large hits and was laying on the ground after they occurred more than one time. However, he also misfired with throws and was partly responsible for hanging onto the ball for too long. For now, Fields remains a giant mystery that has become an unsolved mystery. Fields’ agility is rare as evidenced by his 39-yard scramble, which nearly won this game in the favor of the Bears. Also, he’s a very good throwing from the vertical, which the ball at Dante Pettis demonstrated. However, his overall proficiency as a quarterback needs some improvement; his execution on Chicago’s last drive is good evidence of this. How can improvement be achieved when an offensive line cannot block and receivers cannot catch or separate in a consistent manner? This is the Bear’s most pressing issue currently.
  4. Commanders prevail despite Carson Wentz. Similar to Fields, Wentz has a tendency to draw foreigners and is now the two quarterbacks with the highest sacks in the NFL. There’s also the Rorschach test to determine who’s to blame whether it’s the lineman or the quarterback. However, both quarterbacks, they’re definitely not the perfect pocket presence that you’re searching for. Since the run game was working quite well, it was logical to rely on it and add some high-percentage throws when Washington’s offense was in the ascendancy. It’s impossible to say without hesitation it’s the exact offensive strategy that the team had in mind prior to the season began, and not with the receivers available and also with the price that the Commanders paid for Wentz who was just only 12-of-20 for 99 yards during the win. It’s evident the fact that Scott Turner and Ron Rivera coaches who could fight for their jobs aren’t able to have much confidence remaining in high-leverage scenarios to recommend throws that are even slightly risky. It’s not even necessary to listen to Rivera’s earlier-week remarks regarding Wentz to understand that. We just have to watch the games.
  5. Khalil Herbert has been rewarded with more minutes to the Bears. In the event that David Montgomery missed most of Week 3 and Week 4, Herbert was capable of shining. He ran for 234 yards, and two touchdowns, and also caught the three passes that were thrown to Herbert for 36 yards. In the game against the Vikings, He was only given four runs. The following day, he got seven -and one ran at 64 yards. This isn’t a call to get the ball out of Montgomery’s grasp but to offer Herbert an increased diet. It could be a DeAngelo Williams-Jonathan Stewart type of partnership if the Bears wish to make it. With Field’s run-based ability and his speed, the Bears might be a challenge to stop once they have built the offensive line.

Next Gen Stats for the match: Justin Fields’ 40-yard touchdown pass towards Dante Pettis had a completion probability of 22.9 percent, which is the most unlikely accomplishment of Field’s career thus far.

NFL Research: Carson Wentz has improved to 7-0 in Thursday Night Football, which is the highest number of wins without losing in TNF history, dating back to the year 2006. The next highest number of wins and no losing is 2-0.

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