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13 November: Historical events that occurred on this day

Fantasia was a bold, avant-garde show that premiered in theatres on 13/11/1940. It gave the world its first exposure to stereo sound and abstract themes.

13 November is a historic date in history, with many ground-breaking inventions and amazing incidents. Some cult-classic films like Walt Disney’s Fantasia were also introduced to the entertainment industry. Let’s take an in-depth look at these events that made the day memorable.

13 November Historic Events

The Holland Tunnel, which crosses the Hudson River, was opened to the public in 1927.

The Hudson River’s Holland Tunnel is a twin-tube tunnel that connects Jersey City’s 12th, 14th, and Canal Streets in Manhattan. When it was constructed in 1927, it was the longest underground vehicular tunnel. It was opened to the public on the 13th of November that year. Clifford M. Holland designed the tunnel and it was named after him. He died suddenly before the tunnel was completed.

It has 84 fans that can cool the tunnel’s air every 90 seconds. This tunnel is considered a remarkable engineering achievement because it solved the ventilation problem of a long vehicle tunnel. The ceiling has a duct that allows for the removal of dirty air from the tube.

The Willys Quad (1940), was the first prototype of the Jeep.

The Jeep legend was born in 1940, just one year before the United States entered World War II. On 13 November 1940, the US Army received a Willys Quad prototype compact four-wheel drive. It was powered by a Delmar Barney Roos-designed Willys Go-Devil motor. It was able to produce 60 horsepower and 105 feet-pounds of torque and it outperformed the Ford and Bantam, which were its main competitors for the military contract. From the Quad came the MB, CJ series, and Wrangler. Willys improved the Quad and produced 1,500 units for the Willys MA variant. Many of these saw action during World War II.

The first theatrical debut of Walt Disney’s Fantasia (1940) was in the theatres.

Fantasia was a bold, avant-garde show that premiered in theatres on 13/11/1940. It gave the world its first exposure to abstract themes and stereo sound. Fantasia is a unique blend of fantasy that, in a way no other Disney movie has ever shown, shows the “man behind” of the curtain. It contains eight animated parts which are performed by Philadelphia Orchestra, and then a live introduction.

March Against Death (1969).

On the night of 13/11/1969, the “March Against Death” began. At the end of that weekend, Washington, D.C. had seen more protestors than at any other time in its history. More people showed up than at 1963’s Civil Rights March on Washington.

Aramoana Massacre ( 1990):

The Aramoana Massacre was a shooting spree that occurred in Aramoana, a small New Zealand township. It took place on 13 November 1990. After a dispute with his neighbor, David Gray, a resident, shot and killed 13 people including a local police sergeant. After a thorough house-to-house search, an anti-terrorist squad of police officers located Gray and shot him. Gray was then able to escape from his firing position. Gray died in the ambulance after he was taken to the hospital.

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